10 Fabulous Ways to Wear Leopard Print

The Leopard print has been considered for a long time as “turkeys” item and “clueless”. What you may not know is that in recent years, this animal print, if used properly, can be very daring, chic and elegant. Want to know how to incorporate the design of your clothes?

Use a leopard print blouse with denim shorts

A blouse with the pattern placed inside of a modern jeans shorts and fluffy in the waistband is a very modern. Finish the look with sneakers, flats, or even a jump, depending on the image you want to spend. Swap the shorts for a pair of jeans when you’re cold, or use coats with Bermuda during the autumn and cooler times.

Use Leopard flat shoes to work and for the weekend

Leopard heels are great for day (or night), but depending on where you work, they can be greatly exaggerated for the Office. Instead, try the shoes pattern. They are great to be combined with the basic pieces, like a black pants and a white shirt collar. In addition, this pattern is perfect for making the transition from the Office to the bar without having to change.

Balance a fluffy dress of Leopard with neutral accessories

Many people, when we talk about dressed in Leopard print, imagine a short dress, and vulgar, but it doesn’t have to be this way.There is the option more fluffy dress. Use a belt, or a jacket to break the big piece of print and keep the look with simple accessories and most basic flat shoes.

Use the Leopard print as something neutral and mix with other prints

The natural, organic and soft shapes of Leopard print look great with more graphic prints as the PoA, stripes and plaid. Separate your stamped parts – one on top and one below – to keep the visual end look with balanced other clothes and accessories of neutral colors to avoid too much information.

Use the pattern in minimum details

A small piece of Leopard you can elevate your look. The simpler and more monochrome for the rest of your look, plus the touch of Leopard will stand out. Use it in the form of a belt to subtly shift the attention to your waist, or their sunglasses and scarves.

Keep it casual with a leopard print T-shirt

In the world of prints, the Leopard is one of the most sexy and can be a great option to add a bit of boldness in a more casual clothes and less sexy, like a shirt, a shirt, or a straight pants. Add an extra dose of femininity to combine his Leopard with a more daring as a short shorts, a miniskirt or a mini blouse.

Use a skinny pants with Leopard print and a Biker jacket

There is something retro in combination of a Leopard tights and a leather jacket more aggressive, something like the movie Grease. Even though the actresses of the film have not, in fact, used these pieces, the vibe 50 years is present in this look that remains current to this day.

Leopard handbag goes with everything

Believe it or not, but the Leopard is a neutral pattern. In fact, there are three neutral in a khaki and white: black – and there’s something about a Leopard which is particularly very versatile. It goes with everything.

Use a fake fur coat with the pattern and combine it with high heels

There are only a few pieces of clothing that are more glamorous than a fur coat, but as the skin is expensive and we don’t want to use materials made of animals, the fake fur can be a good option.
Wear a coat like that with anything from a dress to a set of pants and jacket and you’ll be glamorous for the most special occasion.

Add a female power in an outfit inspired by the male wardrobe

In addition to being sexy, Leopard print is also very feminine. It’s not a touch of femininity as a soft floral print, is a feminine stronger, aggressive and with more attitude. Pieces of this pattern are great to accompany clothes inspired by men’s clothing, like a blazer and slacks, for example.