10 Life-Changing Beauty Tricks Every Lazy Girl Must Know

We know that behind the small screen has a lot of girl who’d rather stay home and do nothing than to get ready to go out and wear something that can be uncomfortable. The good news is that his stay at home has come a very long way in recent years and today you can use it every day, 24 hours and still look super amazing using some tricks.
Not only are there many options, but large and comfortable clothes are trendy nowadays. Now you can hang out with their friends after an afternoon watching Netflix series without having to do much on the look. You can even find a stylish sweatpants to go to the bar. Therefore, you can try and follow these 10 tricks for you to get along with your “lazy” style.


First of all, go to your closet, get rid of all uncomfortable clothes you have, put them in a bag and keep it in a hidden place – under the bed, or in the trunk of the car. You still won’t donate them, or throw them out, you’ll just get it out of your sight as you make an evaluation of your comfortable clothes, which ones you really want to wear.


If you want and will buy new clothes, I don’t visit many shops. Select one or two and not worry about others. Don’t waste time and energy running in the shopping mall because it won’t help. If the stores you chose not to have anything special, take this as a sign that you don’t need new pieces, or that you don’t want to.


Stay in a neutral palette so that all you have in the wardrobe. That way, you can get dressed even when you are very sleepy and still be beautiful and elegant.

Color highlighting

Allows you to have a strong color as a signature to animate their neutral when you are in the mood. No matter how lazy you are, you want to give a boost in appearance every once in a while, right?

Easy to put on, easy to take

One more item among the fashion tricks is to make the “easy to get, easy to get” your fashion mantra. Dispense with buttons, hooks and zippers. Collar shirts are very hard even. If you can put and take a part in less than three seconds, you’re going to use it more, definitely. Trapeze dresses, fabrics stretch, among others, are the options.


Choose a neutral piece to be your work clothes. A simple dress in one color is the easiest part of the world and generally suitable for workplaces. It appears to be formal, but without being restrictive and can still be good even if you gain a few pounds. A straight dress also is easy to combine with any accessory you want.

Buy clothes that can be washed in the machine

One of the most useful fashion and invest in pieces that can be washed in the dishwasher. Dry clean or hand wash is complicated and it’s something you’ll probably avoid, consequently leaving the clothes aside just to think about the job you will have and the money you will spend to keep them clean.

Wash everything in cold water

If you wash your parts in cold water and let them dry on a clothesline, they will last longer and you can avoid the trouble of going to stores and search for new parts.

Forget the heels

Don’t even think about wearing high heels. Sneakers, flats, sandals and even the tennis can be very stylish and elegant. Day, night, or weekend work. You don’t need by a stiletto to look nice and pretty and you don’t need them to be gathering dust in your closet.

Combination is one of the most important parts in fashion

There’s nothing wrong with combining parts from above with the below. Besides making you look good dressed, match the colors and prints will save you time and effort to think which color goes with what color, pattern, shape, etc..