10 Looks to Go to School

The start of classes requires a good first impression.

This beauty of the first day should continue to be presented throughout the year, and it is essential to perfect the look.

So, apart 10 looks ideas to go to school and raze

  1. Camel Pants

When thinking of looks to go to school , always be ahead of the trends. Camel pants, the famous “camel color pants” are a great trump card. They can give the look a vintage air, replacing the jeans basic blues.

When using a pants color camel, be on the safe side and choose a palette of more basic colors: a blousein neutral tones is the best option.

  1. Short Twill + Boots Inspired by Motorcycle

You need to have a variety of looks to go to school all year, mainly on account of climate change. When you heat, remove the cabinet that his short black twill and combine it with boots inspired by motorcycle. They are a great trend and complement your look with lots of charm.

  1. Oxford Shoes

Have beautiful shoes and tennis shoes in the closet is essential, especially when composing looks to go to school. The oxford shoes has an undeniable charm. One of the coolest aspects of these shoes is the multitude of styles that you can find. From the most classic models with more neutral colors even the most bold, funky and colorful.

  1. Black Pants + Shirt + Jeans Jacket

If you’re hipper, this can become one of your favorite looks to go to school. A pants black and a shirtnever hurt anyone, especially in more informal occasions. If it gets cold, just complement the look with adenim jacket.

  1. Pants Legging + Knitting Sweater + Leather Bag

One of the best looks to go to school in winter or autumn is this combination: pants legging + knitting sweater + leather bag.

The knit sweater is a classic piece that suits many occasions. It is always very charming and elegant, and when combined with a legging pants, can become the center of attention. Leather and cold is all about, then the leather bag gives a touch more and complete the look.

  1. The Base Is Good

Just as casual looks to go to the mall or the restaurant with friends, the looks to go to school can also be basic and work very well. A shirt basic long sleeve and skinny jeans is a great choice.

  1. Jeans + White shirt

Anyone who thinks that the shirts are only used at more formal occasions, you’re wrong. When assembling your looks to go to school, you can enter this part and create beautiful combinations. Using it with a pair of jeans , you leave the coolest visual – but without losing the charm – ideal for the school environment.

  1. Plaid Shirt

The plaid shirt, which had its peak of popularity in the late 80s and early 90s by grunge account ( a term designating the music scene in Seattle at the time and also influenced the way people dressing) is trendagain. So, make it an integral part of their looks to go to school is a great idea.

  1. Short Jeans + Light Fabric Shirt + Sunglasses

This combination is ideal for the days that it is hot, but not so much. The jeans shorts are always infashion. Combine them with a light fabric shirt (like silk, for example) and a nice pair of sunglasses is a guarantee of success. If you think your looks to go to school on hot days are very bland, try this.

  1. Basic Style + Accessories

A great way to complement any look is through accessories. It’s no different when it comes to looks to go to school. You can bet on a pants and a basic blouse and abuse of accessories.

Rings, necklaces and watches are always great companions. Just take care not to overdo it: a little discretion in the school environment is always welcome.