10 Styling Tricks for Thin Women

Believe it or not, but also narrow built Twiggy ladies like Keira Knightley (30) know figure — and thus styling problems. Her shortcoming: the non-existent curves. Our site reveals 10 tricks, how they win with the right clothing to sexy curves.

Who upset a svelte woman about his character, is often laughed from his fellow human beings. Slender arms, long legs – what do you want more? More curves! Because women (shoulders and hips are no waist the same wide,) work with a so-called H-figure often boyish. And even long-legged Gazelles in particular garments look actually lost. But instead of access now for Bras with silicone pads and push up pants, there are better styling tricks that even a bit more cheating on wealth to do so.

10 tricks for those who want to even be in the curves League with this:

1. choose feminine clothes

Angelina Jolie (40) is the epitome of femininity. But she also help with cheat-mode, to show always a perfect figure. Actually, the actress is too thin? Her trick: Knee-length skin-tight dresses create the perfect hourglass figure with small peplum. Dresses with PLI Lake wrinkles as well as soft-edged A-lines dresses have a similar effect, they suggest a waistline, where none is

2. apply top right

You can draw upper parts right from the full: ruffles, draping, Ruffles, grinding, sloops, chunky knit or extravagant pattern – all the female lets you appear and distract from a small bosom. Alexa Chung (32) has done everything right. Completely plain parts would let them appear thinner, however

3. show your legs

Even without breasts without Po, you get thrown to admiring glances from men. As the sleek, beautifully shaped legs are your greatest asset. So not grace himself, to show them in short skirts! If you have a flat butt, chooses a colored Flounce skirt (like here by Isabel Marant). Everything carries on – and for other women is taboo – makes you more volume and therefore a small Knackpo

4. put on narrow jeans

As already mentioned: the long, slender legs are your best side. That’s why do your jeans, as so correctly narrow fail here at “Avenue32”-Gründerin Roberta Benteler ! Jeans with pockets can round look like your butt. And you wear white jeans, also quiet in the winter because bright colors let you not quite as thin look like

5. in the evening, it may be more

The most famous Beanstalk of the world, Keira Knightley, white, like her on the red carpet attracting admiring glances without XXL cleavage: wear dresses or tops with embroidery or sequins. Also one-shoulder dresses with diagonal draping conjure up out of you a little fascination of curves. Avoid anything that appears square or angular your upper body on the other hand. Includes Bustier – and spaghetti straps dresses, wide, shapeless dresses and tops, they do nothing for your figure

6. put on eye-catching coats

Slightly waisted military coats, as shown here by Chloé, are perfect for you: more volume to put shoulder straps, gold buttons, and the thick wool material. The long lapel collar is also beneficial for you: the wide, deep V-necks can seem a little pronounced waist slimmer

7. play with contrasts

You, in your outfit bring try contrasts. Either color, the material or the silhouette. Such a look creates voltage when a masculine braid knit sweater to the feminine chiffon skirt is worn for example, to see Maja Whyh (25), such as here at blogger. By the way: issued skirts in the form of A light are made for a slim figure, because they indicate waist – and this is feminine

8 romp at accessories

Many chains, like here at Chanel, are your thing! As well as large towels and long scarves, because they create proportions and distract from boxy shoulders and a small bust. Thin waist-belts and loops are perfect for you, because they are similar to form a sexy waist like corsets. Width, flashy belts, which make her figure look more square are unfortunately not

9 stack!

A not too exaggerated layered look that brings visually more wealth. Take the Olsen Twins (29), as an example, are the absolute Queens of layering. But beware, some always fitted figure-emphasizing should or. It looks fast even thinner in exclusively large, bulky parts

10. allow the finger of flats

Say goodbye to flat shoes, because these can be masculine look. Filigree narrow-heeled shoes are better. Also boots and booties with wide shaft are unsuitable, they appear even thinner Gazelle legs. The trendy Stretchstiefel like this Dior are wonderful, however!