12 Tips on How to Rock in the “Jeans in Jeans” Looks

How to use a whole outfit of jeans and still stay chic and elegant? Yes, you can. And contrary to popular belief, wearing two pieces in the jeans can be stylish. It was a major flaw in the past, but now it is the trend of the time, with several famous designers and celebrity embracing the new trend. Try to incorporate the “denim on denim” look with the tips of how to do this:

12 Tips on How to Rock in the Jeans in Jeans Looks

Use contrasting washes

Use contrasting washes of jeans can help break the appearance of a solid color of your clothes. You can use a lighter denim shirt and a darker pants. It’s easy, it’s simple and is chic!

Keep it simple

The secret to use all jeans on your clothing is simplicity. Less is more. Choose two pieces in denim with classic cuts and break the color together with basic and neutral accessories.

Use colored jeans

A smart way to use a “denim on denim” look is to pretend that you are not using two by wearing jeans at the same time. This can be done with colored jeans, skirts, shorts … All these parts can be combined with a traditional blue shirt to create a fun and modern.

Invest in accessories

When we think about form a complete look of jeans parts, simplicity is the key word, as we talked about earlier. For this, use the plays of the same fabric, but always with versatile accessories. If you want to use a play attention, choose just a piece of jewelry, or just the shoes, or just the bag. Never mix many flashy elements at once.

Break the look with prints

Do you think your appearance is very monochromatic and need something else? Your look should go with the prints of the season. A T-shirt emblazoned beneath an open shirt, jeans or a jacket is a great way to break the look into part of blue above and below.

Let the look sophisticated

Avoid leaving with an outfit that looks like you put the first thing he saw on the front. Think about your whole look in jeans and go out with him like he was meticulously mounted.
A tucked-in pants, shorts, or skirts, combined with sophisticated accessories and makeup done right is a stylish way to use the “denim on denim.

Break the look with a belt

If you are using two blue pieces, one on top and one on bottom, break the color with a different belt. Choose thin belts with Leopard print, or a flashy and vibrant color to add life in your look.

Use layers

When you think about using a look of all jeans, I bet you think to put a shirt and pants of the same piece, isn’t it? Why don’t you think differently and use layers as a jacket over a shirt, or something different from internetages.com site? You can try and dare and go on have fun and get modern.


An interesting way to use the technique denim on denim is to take advantage of the current trend of patchwork on denim. A shirt with lighter and wash with the pockets on patch dark, for example, is a clever way to use the parts in the same fabric.

Different jeans accessories

If you wear jeans on the shirt and pants seems too much for you, you can always fold the fabric in other ways. Use bandanna, for example, or pockets on jeans. Invent ways of how to fold the fabric in your looks. If you don’t get used to it, just remember that it is a very strong trend for the next few seasons.

Have you learned all the tips on how to use the trend “denim on denim”? Remember that the jeans is a popular fabric and easy to combine. Just think that less is more, use accessories, find ways to break the color only and the rest should be easy. Now just follow the most famous models of the runway and go around dictating fashion. You won’t want to be left out, right?