5 Facts about the 20 Victoria’s Secret Spectacle

The Victoria’s secret anniversary show on Tuesday night was as bombastic as expected – with an Angels newcomer who somehow almost the main role. Our site shows the most beautiful pictures of one brilliant night – and what was playing off of the sinful walkway.

Flawless body, hammer mood and beautiful lingerie: The 20th anniversary of the iconic Victoria’s secret lingerie parade, which took place on Tuesday evening in New York, crowned (again) all been seen before.

Our site has been the most important facts of the spectacle for you together:

The new
It was her first time – and what for one! Kendall Jenner (20) could as freshman between the long-established Victoria’s secret Angels without restriction. Initially, she presented her outrageously perfect body in a red blue yellow Bustier string ensemble with a kind of Spanish train…

Kendall’s body secret: a week-long, strict protein diet before the show, revealed she compared to “New York Daily News”

… and later in a radiant top dream:

The amount of most raged at her: Kendall Jenner was the star of the evening

And also her best friend Gigi Hadid (20) made a killer body! After performance one in turquoise lingerie to black wings she served also a completely different man fantasy: a sexy fire woman.

The Jenner statement
And who expected considering the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan in the front row as we, by Kendall’s big VS premiere was wrong: how Kendall told the “New York Daily News”, it has prohibited all her sisters to come. “I was already stressed enough.” Only the 20 years allowed the visit on “their” show their parents. And Lo and behold: the ex – spouses Jenner were very peaceful, to support their daughter.

That’s already not even ponder: Kris Jenner (60) had long heavily suffered, that her former husband has outed himself publicly as a transsexual and is today a woman through life. A few months ago she and Caitlyn Jenner (66) should have converged for the first time, the peace holds obvious today. Well done!

The most spectacular costume
… was strictly speaking less expensive than spectacular expensive: by Lily Aldridge (29). As already was made a few days ago, came the American the big (and two million-dollar heavy) honor bestowed, the Fireworks fantasy bra to present on the catwalk. Say and write 6900 (!) Gems and diamonds 126 wore Aldridge on his body, one decorating of bra and panties together. There’s needed of course than at the other looks less colorful accessories and decoration.

The hottest Show insert…
… came from pop star Selena Gomez (23). ‘ Here today eh enough Bras to see ‘, had the singer apparently thought – and therefore waived. And thanks to the XXT snippet (Yes: extra, extra deep!) their tight-fitting silk dress’ she could easily keep up in terms of sex appeal with the scantily clad catwalk angels.

Gomez’s British colleague Ellie Goulding (28) and R & B musicians the weekend (25) are also encountered.

The Aftershow Party
It seems that there has been an unofficial dress code: cut-outs! Conspicuously many female guests came in wild slit party dress on the red, pardon: pink carpet:

Best conditions for a sinful Sause, we would say – if she already so permissive begins! We are looking forward to many hot party pics, which are probably only appear in a few hours on the net, if the Feierwütigen are rested…



Models celebrate the return of the Victoria’s Secret …

Models celebrate the return of the Victoria's Secret ...

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