5 Ways to Dress and Look Thinner

Point a woman you wouldn’t want to look thinner and I will say that she’s one in a million.

One of the greatest desires of the contemporary woman is exactly this: look thinner. Advantage with the impression of a few extra pounds less seems to increase the self-esteem of any woman.

Most of the time, look thinner it’s just a matter of proportion, color and fashion tricks/certain cuts.

With that in mind, today we gather 5 looks that show ways to wear to any woman look thinner. Are you ready to check out?

Look 1

A pair of jeans should “embrace it” in the right places. As in this example, the bottom wider stretches the silhouette and makes you look thinner. In addition, the darker wash also contributes to this impression.

Opt for a more compridinha is also a great idea, since it also stretches the silhouette.

The higher you go, the thinner it will appear. The jacket waist shows you have curves and is a great way to complement the look.

Look 2

A very big misconception is that wider clothes make you look thinner.

Contrary to what you might think, the more you cover cloth, more people will be wondering how much skin that is trying to “hide”.

Choose pieces that stretch their silhouette. Pants glued combined with long coats and long necklaces are a great option.

Look 3

Dresses made in structured tissue hide imperfections, while details of “X” in the Middle help to refine the silhouette and make you look thinner.

Generally, hourglass dresses are the best option, tapering at the waist and opening up more at the bottom.

If you feel uncomfortable with your arms out, opt for a short cardigan.

Look 4

A voluminous white robes may sound like the antithesis to look thinner, but know that this look can be surprisingly flattering.

Set your waist with a belt. The further away you are from the ground, slimmer you will appear, then, abuse of high heels.

Look 5

Black long pants can be your best friends, especially if they were more tight in the thighs and more soltinhas at the bottom.

They create an elongated silhouette and can make you look skinnier really.

If you’re more bulky in the region of the legs and butt, combine these pants with a white blouse and so the visual will be more balanced.