About Pleated Skirts

That the cru had? The players of tennis and wise girls uniform has today an ultra-hip revival. Semi-long, silky, coloured and glitter, it’s the new skirt to have!

Pleated Skirts

Easy with the pencil skirt! Today, the cool girls swear by the pleated skirt. Unearthed of the bourgeois closet, the pleated skirt makes a comeback thundering on the podiums of the creators to become one of the main trends for autumn-winter 2016-2017. With them, it modernizes, ose the Sun in lurex, rock materials like leather pleated and metallic reflections.

Why we l ‘ love?

Because she Waltz on the asphalt like no other! Because its folds capture the light and have a knack for turning any girl into a Princess for a day.

How to wear?

Simply and without fuss. If you choose black, wake her up with a big sweater slipped into his belt or a colorful tunic, mustard yellow, for example. If you opted for a model metallic, gold or silver, better to calm things down and defuse the glam effect ‘ of the skirt with a wise sweatshirt and a pair of simple tennis.

How long to choose?

Instead Ministers crinkled under risk of sounding like a Japanese schoolgirl! However, Yes, a thousand times Yes to the midi skirt and semi-long which flatters the silhouette. Yes also to XXL lengths, to book at the very, very large.
And you, will you succumb to the charm of this room trend? Visit Internetdict to find out now top 10 skirts pleated this fall.
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