All Eyes on: Tree + Horse Garden from Copenhagen

Sometimes, one wonders why the cerebellum is actually so carelessly so that to show the brain what could be important (for the own taste, of course) and what is not. When it comes to memory our a half needs process namely seemingly always a bit longer, up to certain fashion releases in the Langzeitgedachntnis. So we were confronted, for example, both already several times with the Copenhagen label tree + horse garden and yet it was never click.

Needed a nudges by Tikki on Instagram, which earned their latest object of desire, the kiss mouth blouse, and flux held under their camera – and us made really aware on tree + horse garden!

Short listed and ordered the latest Lookbook and already has happened: this could be the latest love from Denmark after Ganni. The Hamburger can immediately to purple pink pilgrimage, we send the Berlin forest store – there was the label from Denmark that until recently, most definitely.

But back to tree + horse garden. The designers of Rikke Baumgarten and bright Hestehave (in German: horse garden) have founded the joint label 1999 fix after studying and swimming since then on success. So they have become a true address not only in their home country, but also internationally established her label!

Here go finds your selected pieces to the in-house store and also at ASOS!

Rich colors encounter exceptional cuts and become a feast for look and feel thanks to successful selection of materials. Masculine elements may not missing even with the feminine, slightly playful pieces and result so a successful couple who merges. We are certainly excited. And what is with you?