Armani Think Japanese

Decidedly, Tokyo is truly “The place to be” and Giorgio Armani had foreseen long ago. That’s why he decided to build a high-tech turn, dedicated to his empire, not in Paris, Milan, New York or London, but in the heart of the most fashionable district of the planet: Ginza.

2007: 20 years ago now that Giorgio Armani has cross the Japanese border to its collections. Japanese women have booked their throughout this period a warm and enthusiastic welcome. It must be said that fashion perspective, the Japanese are at the top. Economic configuration in which they are allowing them to have a large budget, exclusively for the high-end (the Japanese are marrying later and later, and continue to live with their parents while working, their salary is their so to travel and offer the cream of luxury collections). 

Tokyo has become a real fashion platform, increasingly large groups are settled immense spaces in the colors of their claws. In Japan and especially in Tokyo, things are not half, architects compete imagination to populate the city buildings at the forefront of luxury design. The Armani round between this logic: 56m dark glass, clean lines… 6000m² where the Armani spirit will reign supreme.

It will include all collections of ready-to-wear cosmetics, but also exclusive lines. We can have dinner on the exclusive Nobu that will top the tower, go wild on the dance floor of the club, dream decor in the space Armani Casa, but also grow by drawing highly fashion books in the library of the house… Opening scheduled for 7 November 2007.