Benefits of Triangle Bra

  • The BRA without Underwire triangle: the ‘must’ comfortable lingerie to highlight 100% natural!

A simple elastic to keep the chest, the triangle without Underwire bra is the most comfortable bras.

No risk that the frames support on your breast or your skin, lingerie without frame let forget at any time of the day while guaranteeing a perfect invisibility under your clothes! There are two false beliefs about the triangle bra. It is believed all too often it does not maintain the chest – this is FALSE! At Ysé we ensure that the elastic under chest keeps perfectly and that the CAP is too low under the armpit in order to well cover the breast. We believe also sometimes unfortunately the triangle bra crushes the chest. Once again, it’s FAKE! When choosing a bra without Underwire to its size, the chest may be nicely rounded. This rounding will be 100% natural, without frame to enhance the chest or foam or padding for her support.

  • The BRA without Underwire triangle: for whom is the perfect bra?
  1. For all!Who would dare to deprive themselves of the BRA form in which one feels for sure the most free? The triangle bra without Underwire represents not only the part of the most comfortable lingerie that exists, but it is also one of the prettiest. Calais lace triangle for fans of transparent lingerie, triangle Microfiber for fans of invisible lingerie… the BRA without Underwire is the best ally of our drawer mode to go with all our desires and our outfits!
  2. Lingerie we forget, ideal for all skins and sensitive morphologies.Of course, the triangle bra is highly recommended for women who are embarrassed by the port of frames and are looking for great comfort. For example, include young women who choose their first lingerie and wish to opt for a form of special bra small sizes that fully respects their small budding breasts. We also think of pregnant women in whom breast size changes and looking to feel good in their bodies throughout their pregnancy, or to women who have been operated breast and who need a lingerie second skin that hurts their skin or their body awareness.
  • Perfectly invisible or irresistible transparent on the skin, the BRA without Underwire triangle is our best asset mode!

Beyond the different types of bra cups, the triangle without Underwire bra is a quintessential fashion accessory! They say often especially suitable for all those who are looking for lingerie for small breasts, precisely because it’s the BRA who is the nicest to suggest under a blouse open or slightly transparent. It’s almost a piece of ready-to-wear full we choose according to our desires. Here are three ways to wear… highly recommended ;-).

Suggest her bra under a top triangle! The triangle bra has the elegance of discretion. This lingerie without padding ensures a natural 100% value of chest layout. It is for this reason that designers have made it the darling of the catwalk bra. Worn alone with pants or a skirt high waist, colored in a white coat or transparent black, or suggested under a shirt open to reveal a detail… all the tips are good to make the triangle without reinforcement the must-have lingerie upside down. We can only encourage you to try: catwalks to the street, there is only one step!

  1. As the beautiful Maud, we dare to reveal a bra triangle graphic to suggest under a loose shirt or a top slightly ajar. Maud wear it here bra triangle 24 hours in the life of a woman. You can also find other looks in lingerie worn in way “upside-down” previously on the blog.
  2. Opt for a triangle in Calais lace bra to succumb to the charm of a transparent lingerie on the skin! Triangles forms are perfectly without padding and allow to be declined in all the most sensitive subjects.Triangle in plumetis tulle to the Calais lace triangle, all the finest materials can be chosen to enhance this irresistible form. If this isn’t the model that will make you the cleavage of Pamela, it unquestionably is one that will allow you to play the card of a transparent, could not be more feminine lingerie! The image of the bra triangle secret affinities, the Calais lace soft bra very naturally highlight the chest and allow a delicate transparency effect on the skin. Find more transparent Bras on e-shop .
  3. Choose an invisible bra: the flesh triangle bra. Your triangle bra is Microfiber, tulle or lace little matter, important for invisibility is to choose in a color nude or pink powder. The triangle bra feels like a second skin. So when he is chosen in the right shades, it is certainly your best choice of invisible bra.

4.While Microfiber (very sweet!) nude, BRA triangle without frame Caress of eyes color draws a natural breast shape and is perfectly invisible under all your tops, same fine. Thanks to its ‘cache-heart’ finish, this model supports the chest and also provides ideal comfort. Find all models of invisible Bras on e-shop.