Black and White Outfit Ideas

Fashion is passion… Combining, trying out, selecting colors, always looking for new trends – who loves fashion, knows the excitement. To work in a fashion business is twice as exciting, because the charms are innumerable and never stop… Not only customers can enjoy clothing in the online shop, but also the employees love them and create new outfits! Marie-Louise B. presents her outfit of the day today:

“I think it is always a challenge, to put together a flashy outfit of black and white.”

The combination of black and white is in the clothing often as a classic and rather strictly casual. However, certain forms and materials can loosen up quite a look, so that it acts casually. The following list has been created:


The lightweight top made of 100% silk and is perfect for warmer summer days, because it is very comfortable to wear and you can barely feel it. You can see this piece of clothing in high quality workmanship from a distance. It nestles really great and is light as a feather.

White pants are total the trend and are thus essential! White trousers in summer are the perfect alternative if you don’t like hot pants, but still you do not want to leave the house with your ordinary jeans. And the coolest thing is: your bright tops and shoes combine with white pants perfectly!


In terms of sneakers a white couple in your shoe closet is never out of fashion! Not only with the white pants, they can be perfectly combined, they look simply good on shorts in bright colors. But also with dresses or skirts you can wear the trendy sneakers definitely and will be in trend.


Tip: if the white shoes are too dirty you should give a small amount of detergent in warm water and apply with a sponge, cloth or brush on the polluted sites. Then allow to air dry the whole at room temperature.


For a short trip into town, a tote bag is recommended. In it, simply everything finds its place and is also still perfectly numerous smaller pockets are sorted through. Appropriately, there is money pouch, where the most important finds its place: money, bank cards and all customer cards.

And it should be slightly cooler in the evening, and the leather jacket is perfect companion. Super comfort of leather jackets you never get enough anyway!


You can find the cool outfit and many more great looks here!


Have fun shopping!