Bloggers Will Pay to Fashion Customize, It Is The Turn of Polo Ralph Lauren and Its Most Legendary Garment

What is the difference between a hub and a polo shirt with your name? That should be the first question that we should do before reading this post. The trend of personalization is on the crest of the wave, all the firms are launching the ability to customize products to thus make them much more exclusive.

Admittedly, that see your initials in a bag or in a garment hooks. Everyone likes to choose the type or the color of letters with which customizes your new Louis Vuitton or the color of the thread that embroiders his new shirt. Ralph Lauren He knows it and he wanted everyone to be able to do it in one of their most iconic garments, polo.

In Spain until April 5, It is the action that the large American company has wanted to move to our country and to put fashion has not hesitated to choose, the bloggers. Some of the most important bloggers of Spain already have their polo embroidered with his name on the back, a different and unique touch that much captivating.