Bookmarked & Tried on Ida Sjostedt for MONKI “Indulge Your Imagination!“

“Is a little princess in every girl” – Ida Sjostedt is convinced. When Sweden’s most popular designer experimented with her daydreaming and her romantically transfigured world, then that this out, what’s the Scandinavians so much dear: her signature style of tasteful kitsch. Better we could not describe idas creations at this point: girlish, playful, a bit cluttered and full of pomp and fuss – at least, as regards the prints. Their straight cuts but know very well how it naturally drains his severity this overload. And so does then even for us.

For the third time the Kollaborationswutige Ida Sjostedt now enters into a liaison with one of our favorite, Swedish fashion chain MONKI and conjures up what they can do best: a limited-edition party collection littered with idas dreamy, romantic prints, which makes available in typical Monki fashion anything but frumpy comes and the imagination of the designer easy and affordable for us. As of 23 April’s so far and we are fixed for you once in the an or other, habituation requiring creation of the 7 line jumped into.

“I wanted to that find cheekiness that magic combination of maxed out romance, a luxurious feel and youthful“ Ida Sjostedt says. “it’s full of sweet pastels, electric cornflower blue, soft material, and just as soft silhouettes – these are clothes to have fun in.”

Nike’s two-parter is one of the Favorites of the collection and is in really do not overload still above-average cheesy. My full-length dress, however, still waiting for a reason. But maybe ’ s that the head is simply not ready for so much romantic lightness just on the weather or that paired me bare legs and delicate materials. What do you think?

2001 Ida Sjöstedt designed for her eponymous label of their signature creations and on request even Couture-like robes.

For the third time she plays well with MONKI the perfect dream team – and that works quite authentic. Idas dreamy, romantic prints meet Monkis ironic and playful handling of fashion. The result: A 7-capsule collection, share that rech kitschy prints by soft materials, and uncomplicated cuts on the girl in us appeal and evoke children’s dreams are.

“Monki and IDA share a love of imagination and of the way a fashion experience can add flair
to every day life” says Monki head of design and buying, Sofia Wallin. “So we’re really excited
capsule to launch this.” “Its romantic tone spot on for this is season, and we think our Monki girls
love will feel its luxe fantasy.”