Bright Multi Colored Tie 2016

The language of the tie is directly proportional to its color. Each color represents a different mood and sets a different tone. Bright red color has the – greatest emphasis and projection. Blue ties make a serious impression and are in very good combination with the – a lot of colors in the male wardrobe. Pink and green ties, along with other pastel colors give a warm and friendly impression and wear the most – especially during hot and sunny days. When the color of the shirt and suit fit, then the color of the tie play an important role and it more than its model and design.
The occasion also has some influence on the choice of color in the tie. Black tie and marten are classic and formal occasions.

Tie in Shades of Red

Over the past few years, thanks to the general trend towards – colored clothes and accessories, red tie has gained a lot of points in this direction. Anyone who wants to focus her clothes with a little color is enough to have something red on his tie. Fortunately, today there are so many wonderful shades of red and models with large amounts of red that each man can make an excellent combination with blue and gray shirts.

Dark Blue Tie

Dark blue makes a good impression and is in harmony with all other colors from the wardrobe of a classic gentleman – gray suit, light blue or white shirt and black shoes. Anyone looking for – a wide variety tends to choose, for example, a blue base with bright accents in this type of ties. Therefore, dark blue tie harmonize the overall appearance of a man.

Pink and Orange Tie

This type of color in ties (and not only) is desirable in summer and combined with white and light blue shirts. Colors have a refreshing effect and worn especially by men who only recently started to wear ties.

Yellow and Green Ties

Currently, the yellow and green ties have Renaissance experience thanks to its main trend to shift the colors in the summer and spring. Yellow is an excellent choice for ties with templates or squared ones. Green is suitable for combinations of stripes or as the basis of a muted models.

Ties in Burgundy and Brown

Ties in the category burgundy and brown are the most – diverse as the colors. They generally fit in any occasion: dark gray or navy blue business suit, daily suit cotton sport jacket and even a light summer suit. One can not go wrong with this color, which makes it an ideal choice for tie by anyone who is not an expert in combining clothes and colors.
Brown tie is difficult to match with anything. Classic business kind is strictly prohibited. You can only look good with white shirt with sleeveless sweater and so it rests only in certain parts of the globe. Even if you are not fully exposed to the dress code, you need to remember: no brown after 18 hours!

White Tie

White ties are preferred by lawyers, judges and public prosecutors. In addition, today they are a sign of an authentic style. The combination of white tie with black shirt is much preferred by Younger men.

Red Tie with Blue and Gray

Ties with red as a primary color in combination with blue or gray stripes or red or striped pattern of blue or gray background are the most – popular among men. Because these colors harmonize best – with many colors in the male wardrobe.

Multicolored Ties

They are a brave, because lend and that kind of man. There are beautiful combinations of 3 or 4 colors that blend together. These colorful ties are preferred it mainly young men.