Buy Cheap, Look Expensive!

Designer parts or no, not everyone can afford to always the most expensive of the expensive. You do not want still on a high quality luxurious look? We tell you in which cheap parts should be invested to make thick pants.

There is no reason to ask, only a featured part of a luxury label (the fur sloops Gucci mid-month to the paycheck! The LaTeX-booties by Dior!) to get hold of. It is indeed incredibly easy to keep up with fashionistas and their sinfully expensive looks. The trick: Smart shopping. There are actually some pieces of clothing that are favorable, but look for more. reveals the seven parts, which you can upgrade your cheap basic look at the luxury level. And you need to for this, not even tap your credit card–all items are under 100 euro available – but many times more luxurious look!

1. suede-parts

Valuable materials look always expensive like suede – even if they are not. “Vegan” Suede, so artificial leather, is even more affordable, looks chic and is from the “real” hard to distinguish. Still more luxurious suede effect, when the color on which of the outfits is voted

2. stock up on Rollis set

It sounds simple. But a Turtleneck Sweater is always incredibly chic and sophisticated – unlike with crew neck sweaters. Preferred unsubscribe not colors such as black or white, that look always nobly

3. snake leather shoes set

You want to impress with your shoes? Then pick up a few ankle-booties or boots in Python-Optik. A basic look is just much more exciting and more luxurious. But we pay attention to the color. A few fake-snake shoes in bright pink have a beige shrill and thus rather cheaper than that in the natural color of the snake

4. a silk scarf wrap

Thin silk scarves (Alternatively work also a cheap material such as rayon) à la Carine Roitfeld are back in Vogue. In contrast to the thick cotton towels they seem simply elegant, especially when worn in tone to the top of

5. attention to interesting details

Parts with a special detail, like the XL sleeve cuff, are unique. As if you had invested in a sinfully expensive piece of avant-garde Designer

6 choose a structured bag

A bag made of stiff material looks ever more luxurious, damenhafter, as a soft model such as a bag, which is always somewhat schlunzig. And if you choose also a croc bag, no one will realize that the case has cost only 50 euro

7 wear oversize silhouettes

Form-fitting parts are merciless: show immediately every gram too much to stomach, butt or legs. That’s why the vulnerabilities with many parts, such as Marlene pants, wide men’s dress shirts, Eggshape-coats should be laminated. So the overall look looks cool and high quality as a brawn outfit

As a general rule when the “buy cheap, look expensive” look:

Pay attention to good materials
Silk, angora and cashmere are always expensive – as well that there are cheaper parts now also in cheaper textile houses like Zara and UNIQLO, where the price is right

Fit is everything!
A part like a glove, is sitting it looks now top notch. So beware of the matching arm and leg length, razor-sharp tailored shoulders and the button without problems can be.

Discreetly use trends
Decide the best for a conspicuous part of the trend and the rest of the outfit keep discreet.

Classic select
Classic is always high quality. Name: predominantly the basic Wardrobe (trench coat, jeans, sweater, blouse, T-Shirt) keep in the colours black, white, camel, gray, Khaki, or Navy.