Carnival Costume Ideas DIY

Some ideas last minute for masks and Carnival costumes DIY for our kids? I found a great set on MammacheClub, under Creative Moms. Of course, I’ve swept and here we list some of these beautiful creations:

Alessia, for example, blog Alessia, scrap & craft, presents a perfect bat costume for Carnival but also for Halloween only realised with a hoodie black, a black skirts and an umbrella!

Still a bat costume

for Glory, another Creative Moms of Mammache Club, who is also the author of a blog: Alchimistainlibertà. He

Carnival Costume Ideas DIY

describes the realization:

the wings I made with cardboard (the packing boxes) and then I colored with tempera. Same thing for the ears, which I pasted with a fair bit of PVA glue on a headband. The Jersey is a simple black Jersey father’s day. The wings I tried attaccargliele with scotch double sided tape

Linda, on his blog from the emblematic title Pane, Amore e Creatività, presents a wide range of costumes and masks of Carnival unearthed around the net: paper masks to those of fairy characters, the turtle costume at super hero’s Cape with photos, tutorials and patterns to download.

To complete the costume from Batman, you need only the mask. Here you can find together the emblem on the front. And also the form and emblem of Superman, if your child prefers this super hero.

A mom blogger, Paola, on Home Made mom, on her blog, describes the materials to make the perfect DIY Fireman costume.

DIY Carnival Costume

While Scram, presents a veritable anthology of witty and downright original costumes, sometimes to be copied, sometimes useful to take inspiration from the shopping bag, garbage can, the costumes ‘ stands’ as the slice of pizza, sushi, the picnic table to pieces of furniture like washing machine, or the bathtub and ending with the doghouse and the GNOME on mushroom. Each photo is accompanied by a link to the site with instructions on how to achieve it.

The child in the photo is Thomas, one of three mischievous kids of Yolanda, who from the pages of Mammachespasso talks about the less frantic times of creations – now – for his kids, who love dressing up all year. Here are a few in our gallery.

Inspiration Carnival Costumes for All Ages


We all know that it is Carnival and no one takes the evil, therefore, begin to think in Carnival costumes for the whole family.

It is often said that life is two days and Carnival is three, such is the merriment that reigns this time of year. So, we’ve put together some suggestions of Carnival costumes for all ages, so that no one is left out of this incredible party.

suggestions of Carnival costumes for all ages

Carnival Costumes for Babies and Children

In day care centers and schools, are already beginning to be a number of Carnival parades, where the children go out to the street and show to the community the Carnival costumes chosen by their parents or by themselves.

The Carnival is a period of joy and fun and see the little ones with the fantasies, maquilhagens and accessories makes this party even more lively.

Of the costumes of the more usual, we find the animals, usually in complete facts, very warm, given that the Carnival if done in the winter. But there are other more “healthy” like fruit or vegetables. And, of course, the rest of the more traditional princesses, clowns, super-heroes and cartoon characters.

Carnival Costumes for Babies and Children

Carnival Costumes for Woman

There is something quite sensual in the Carnival: it can be a totally different person, and, with this, take a personality that has nothing to do with the normality of day-to-day.

So, it turns out to be common for women to choose, usually, for Carnival costumes which appeal to your side more and more cheeky, irreverent and allowing them to feel sexy and desired. So, opt for disguises as a teacher, nurse, princess, warrior, heroine, but not in the molds the most traditional of this paper.

Carnival Costumes for Woman

Carnival Costumes for Men

There is a fantasy that almost all men desire to dress in woman! Usually wear clothes of your companion, put a wig with long hair carry on lipstick, shoes (or try to) the stiletto heels and there they go and snack charm wherever they go. It is fun and can be very economical.

But there are also those who enjoy fantasies more elaborate, with characters from the movies, or, then, a fact that is integrated into an idea of the group, usually made by hand, in projects of “do it yourself”.

The Origin of Carnival

The Carnival is a festival very popular which arose in Antiquity with the aim of celebrating the pagan gods and nature. Was recognized by the Church and included in the christian calendar after many centuries, still being celebrated a little bit by the whole world.

The Origin of Carnival

It is estimated that there has arisen in Greece, around the year 520 a. C., on a feast in which the wine was paramount, and people gathered in the name of the god Dionysus to celebrate the arrival of spring and fertility. The name Carnival comes from “Carne Vale”, whose meaning is linked to the fact that the pagan festival happen during the three days preceding Lent. And was as if it were a kind of farewell to the pleasures and sins, where everything was allowed and forgiven.

You already know that it is Carnival and no one takes the evil, so, have fun, but always with respect for others.