How to Wear Vintage Jackets
How to Vintage Women's Clothing

How to Wear Vintage Jackets

Give your attire a youthful and urban twist with a smart vintage jacket. Denim material is known for its high quality and hard wearing properties, making cowboy jackets a great choice in both everyday life and leisure time. At the same time it is incredibly easy to style with your existing wardrobe. For a relaxed […]

Stillettos for Women
Vintage Women's Shoes

Retro Women’s Shoes

Shoes and girls are one of the things that just go together! Shoe obsession is to find among the vast majority of the fashion interested women, and this means in most cases, this refers to a bulging shoe closet. Girls love to buy shoes, because they give an outfit last finishing touch. And we have, […]


How to Understand the Clothes Sizes Vintage!

Very often the sizes of vintage clothing do not match the current and we risk making noise blunders! Many of us in recent years have become true of passionate vintage shopping. We like to get into these very cool shops, rummage and find our little darling! This can be a dress of our favorite designer or the particular […]