Women’s Shoes

Paul & Joe Reviews

In 10 years, the brand “Paul & Joe” became a fixture in the trendy girls’ locker room in the wind. Her playful spirit that mixes brilliantly british references and mischievous candor, has boosted the universe of the brand, which has…
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Petite Pumps and Heels

They seem to come from ancient times but in reality they are fresh of fresh autumn / winter season. The heel 12 (and more) steps aside to make way for the average. Get off the stilts and make yourself comfortable!

Come the Sneakers to Measure!

They are called Personalshoes new sneakers made entirely by hand in Italy. And their designers … is you! Six models ranging from high sneakers with zipper, to classic flat, a world of materials, fabrics, colors and customizations to choose from, all…
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