How to Lighten Jeans
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How to Lighten Jeans

Introduction Cme do to lighten the color of the jeans? No doubt is the key method to give new look and new dignity to that old pair of jeans that has a little stew. You’ll have to resort to tools that can be found in hardware stores, like the pumice and sand paper or all timeless and economic bleach. Necessary Make sure you have on hand: Jeans lighten, […]

Different Types of Heels
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Different Types of Heels

What type of heel? This is a question many people are asking, and some have even come to no longer the daring heels for … Blame it on some “female pope of fashion” who pose for our taste too banned the round. It does not necessarily have to wear thick heels when one is round, […]

Stillettos for Women
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Retro Women’s Shoes

Shoes and girls are one of the things that just go together! Shoe obsession is to find among the vast majority of the fashion interested women, and this means in most cases, this refers to a bulging shoe closet. Girls love to buy shoes, because they give an outfit last finishing touch. And we have, […]

Wash New Jeans
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How to Maintain New Jeans

Introduction The jeans has a leader who appeals to many. Versatile, convenient and always trendy, it is definitely a garment that lacks neither in the closet of a man nor that of a woman. And to think that its origins are Italian, namely Genoa, in fact Jean wants to say just blue of Genoa. So how do you keep new jeans without losing […]

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Timberland Spring 2009 Shoe Collection

Timberland home It has proposed for the new season of Spring-Summer 2009 new and wide to fit us in these days of summer so we are looking forward already. The variety evident: boots, ankle boots, shoes and slippers, covering several styles. We find imitations of the Desert boot Clarks up to something more elegant and […]

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17 Sandals That Inspire The Spring and You Want to Have

The running is fine, very nice, very fashion and whatever else you want, but the shoes of the moment can be a furnace on the asphalt that temperatures rise. It should be an alternative thought. The Spring you are giving the alternative to the Sandals and they want to go to conquer the street thanks […]

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ELSA Pataky, Chosen The Spanish Carrie Bradshaw

Another more than Sexo en Nueva York and its main protagonist: Sarah Jessica Parker. The authentic carrieadictas, for which Internet has become in the middle where contact and keep informed about your favorite character, through blogs and forums, have chosen to ELSA Pataky as actress who best interpret to Carrie in the Spanish version of […]

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Essential Shoes for Fall

Essential shoes of the season, the timeless boots make their re-entry into the locker room of the fall-winter of 2016-2017… Here, 30 models for having full boots. Basic timeless, the pair of boots is waiting for the first days of autumn out of the closet. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, it is completely redesigned […]

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What are Good Shoes for Pregnancy

For pregnant women shoes. How can we reconcile pregnant heels and shoes? We see the right shoes for each quarter. If dressing during pregnancy has become almost a game of girls thanks to the many specialized brands and sparkling themed collections by storm in the network, with an eye to the style of some famous moms like Charlene […]

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Paul & Joe Reviews

In 10 years, the brand “Paul & Joe” became a fixture in the trendy girls’ locker room in the wind. Her playful spirit that mixes brilliantly british references and mischievous candor, has boosted the universe of the brand, which has diversified over time, to recently offer a little sister to the main line: “Paul & […]