Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Best Dressed Woman in the World

Every year the famous people across the Atlantic bible Vanity Fair, lists of the most stylish personalities. And guess who ends up on top of the podium… Charlotte Gainsbourg.

We did it a while since we placed it in the first place… I must say that the lady has done this through casually and charm that makes it irresistible. It is interesting to note that it was chosen by an international jury. Indeed, the conception we have of elegance, we French, is special. The admiration of fashionistas which made Charlotte Gainsbourg object is proof.

With it, we are far from perfect physical, glamorous looks, make up the maddening… which makes us store in fashion icon box just what emanates from her, his pace, more than his guards cleverly neglected dress. It is therefore curious that a highly jury of Americans has held that the French actress was the best dressed of the year, while his counterparts made in US are ruined by personal stylists, are running on Power platforms, and panicked at first swallowed milk shake… the opposite of our little Charlotte.

They seem to have decided to celebrate the natural, innate class, the fragile femininity, this set which gives a girl a different stereotypical beauty that we tend to impose. Then the good French taste would it be about to permanently influence the aesthetic Yankees? Uh, do not rejoice too soon, because the top of the ranking of the best dressed couple found Victoria and David Beckham, gasp…