Cheap Fashion Online for Ladies

The shop online Vilona Fashion is dedicated to women over 50 and offers many items of clothing, for all tastes and needs, fashionable and low cost, in a wide selection of sizes.

Style over 50 has a name: Fashion Vilona. The online shopping store Headquartered in Amberg, Germany, offers a wide selection of clothing (including underwear) and ladies accessories, fashionable and affordable.

For a wardrobe up to date with the latest trends, discover here all the secrets to make purchases on the site and the most glamorous proposals for spring 2016.

Moda fodder: Stil low cost over 50

Fashion Vilona is the online store, dedicated to the ladies, which allows you to purchase clothes and accessories of quality at affordable prices, the comfort of home.

Inside the Ladies There are 13 sections to the same number of components look (from the suits sweaters, from skirts to dresses) plus 4 specialized in swimwear, beachwear, sportswear and accessories. In underwear and shoes you can instead find a wide selection of lingerie and women’s footwear. Moreover, in the Trends, Vilona Fashion also offers a line Plus Size (from 54 to 72).

In each section you can refine your search by size , color , fit (for clothing) and price.  Once you choose your boss or an enhancement to complete shopping, simply click the appropriate button to Cart expenses and follow the instructions.

The first purchase is required registration Free (website), which allows access to “all support functions relating to orders, delivery and payment”.

The latter can be made ​​by credit card or cash and, in case of wrong size or afterthought, Vilona Fashion allows you to return the product within 14 days of delivery.

For a shopping experience even more enjoyable and safe, available to customers is a service of telephone assistance 24 hours a 24, as well as an email address, a physical and a fax number to which to forward any kind of doubts or question.

Moda fodder collezione Primavera 2016

Fashion Vilona is a great virtual store where women over 50 can find a rich selection of clothes for all tastes and all sizes, trendy and affordable. A trend confirmed for spring 2016.

Between coats, for example, there are several trenches and 100 grams from 34,99 €, and many blazers as the model boucle fabric from 79.99 EUR.

Versatile and glamor is also the proposed mesh, shirts and tops. Pullover with collar and button front list (19.99 euro) to the blouse with floral patterns (19,99 €), the cotton tunic (19.99 euro) at the top with lace hem (14,99 €) , you’ll be spoiled for choice.

As for the  skirts, Vilona Fashion proposes to wheel models, with tube and several classic, starting from 19,99 EUR. Among the pants they are predominant those high-waisted, with a dry design or, conversely, fluid.

In the section devoted to ‘sports apparel, however, you can find suits, fleece, t-shirts and all you need for physical activity indoors and outdoors.

Finally, a line dedicated to the plus sizes for spring 2016 offers plenty of evergreen and must-haves of the season, in the version plus size.

To get an idea of ​​the products signed Vilona fashion for spring-summer 2016 see our photo-gallery, which collects the most beautiful.