Come the Sneakers to Measure!

They are called Personalshoes new sneakers made entirely by hand in Italy. And their designers … is you!

Six models ranging from high sneakers with zipper, to classic flat, a world of materials, fabrics, colors and customizations to choose from, all with the guarantee of the made in Italy. We are talking about the new Personalshoes sneakers, a planet to be discovered for those who want to vent their creativity and then wear something really unique.

To set up your sneakers tailored’ll just go to the site, choose the basic model you prefer, to establish the exact number following the detailed tables and explore the many combinations at your disposal.

Not only. You can inspire the already made models by changing the basic nuances, details and laces. But also customize your shoe writing on the back of what you want.

Are you ready to invent the sneaker of your dreams?

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