Converse Jeans, Collection Spring/Summer 2009

Converse It is one such brand which over time have acquired a mastery of the amazing fashion, and covers all existing garments: they have been gradually gaining a very versatile public. Although it began as a brand dedicated to shoes, gradually was gaining ground and experimenting with t-shirts, Messenger bags, caps and now finally launched the pants market, beginning with his line/collection Converse Jeans so much so that, the brand that as you know is subsidiary of Nike, It has become almost a brand name own and independent and today is little people who associated with its brand initial patron; in other words, Nike.

As well, the collection of this year for the Spring/Summer 2009 covers all possible records. We find jeans of all kinds to Jell with a talk or any other shoe. For the boys, Converse Jeans It has come up with a pair of jeans that range from the tight to the leg, although innovations in this collection come from the hand of those models that premiered a new logo: a skull or others with a splash of water, all in aged and worn fabric. But we go step by step.

To stalwarts of the Skinny pants, Converse Jeans is launched on an adventure and commitment to fully worn by models stone wash (usually pumice) or treated with chemicals although, as curious, is is implementing lately wear through laser, which certainly offers a much more colorful result. It is not a skinny 100% but they carve like. Colors: clear, according to the trends of this year, and we can find them in shades ranging from white to blue. The logo of Converse, the star, could not miss on the back.

For those who prefer something less tight jeans, a good option without having to go to the “ baggys ” are the of straight leg or “ straights & #8221; that I also find them in fabric worn. The hip is somewhat wider than the skinny but still narrow, half-way between the cowboy’s life (the largo, which is called) and the skinny.

In my opinion are the easiest to combine and they feel better all over the world, as while the long barely shape the body, the skinny, if you have some good quadriceps, may feel like a kick in the stomach without that you can see you them and wish them to find any who among you without you wrap.Colors, lighter: from the equally white to blue through some very discreet Greens but undoubtedly precious and for the more classic, Brown and Navy Blue.

We arrived at the turn of the “bootcut”, Hip as wide as the previous (and therefore less than the skinny) but that narrows at the time of reaching to the ankle, to conform well to the shoe (in this case may be a talk or any other). The colors are darker and have them with half-turn to pirate style. Here we can find the other printing of the House, the watermark, in clearly blue, located in the back, next to the Pocket.

Finally the “baggys” or wide trousers. They are for a more casual and informal, with the longest shot, style rather wider both leg and hip. In general, they are ideal to accompany with slippers and boots not precisely for the boots the bootcut, are designed to be able to wear them. A very varied collection without a doubt, where there is to be able to choose and combine with your favorite Converse or the boot/shoe that you want more.