Copenhagen Fashion Week: G autumn / Winter 2014 – Hello Russia

One of the most beautiful shows of Copenhagen fashion week showed no doubt Ganni that Danish brand, since some Saisons repeatedly keeps it moving into our own wardrobes and is thereby reasonably affordable, but above all portable.

What are the design team behind Ganni has inspired, remains a mystery, first because the press release is in the E-mail mess are probably missing. We can speculate no more than what actually already prepared the greater joy than the heavy-handed densities around foreign words. I personally would almost to touch, that various accessories and looks not just randomly reminiscent of the typical Russian style, but completely conscious. Putin the country currently is as good as everything goes wrong – megalomania, anti-gay laws and persecution, billion spending on Olympic and so quite incidentally still thousands of people who had to leave their homes for the great spectacle and the associated buildings in Sochi, undsoweiterundsofort natural damage, terrorist attacks. It is probably time to send Russia a little bit for love. 

What we can learn in fashionable terms of g:

Culottes aka short pants that are slightly longer and more edgy than usual, according to trend forecast in the coming seasons away to think.

To wearing a suit on which we already hoped before long time in modified form: blouse over a Turtleneck Sweater – at that time, however, we summoned a comeback of the beloved long-sleeve under T-Shirt times.

And again: turtlenecks forever.
Check patterns remain – the best in pastel or nuances of ice princesses. Also: Twin sets are the opposite of stuffy and pointy shoes are finally back.

Even of the Leo-print must stay! However the Crown is placed the whole by Black Lace, blithely combined to the predator. Should everyday be something difficult, but to the turtlenecks absolutely roadworthy looks.
New: Red tip to the cuddly sweater.
A trend that has been spotted more often lately and seems to manifest themselves in the meantime: now quite shamelessly wearing dresses with skirts. Even floral hippie blouses dresses.
Twin set alert! Body distance and monochrome! Great love.
Wrap dresses – again to the turtleneck. Just the wedge sneakers are likely to slowly disappear. AUA.
Coats in a bathrobe look, so you get us so or so.
Sexy: dresses in lingerie-look to fake fur. Surprisingly I am quite fond of the station wagon.
just arrived following statement in the mail tray – we were so not so wrong:

“The g autumn / winter 2014 collection is inspired by Russian history. It’s the extravagance of the nobility, the Tsar’s swansong and the dancers of the Bolshoi. It’s the Soviet propaganda machine and its brutalist architecture. It’s space travel and pussy riot. Crash histories, eras and politics. And the look is double-sided: femininity meets sensuality, both trademarks that creative director Alex Reffstrup has reflect for the Quint-essential ‘ Ganni girl’.”