Copy The 5 Best Looks of Alexa Chung in 2010

This year we have had many Queens of style and one of them is Alexa Chung. Alexa has has earned the title of It girl 2010 and as we know that many fans of Alexa among our readers there is nothing better than honor them making a selection of the best 5 looks worn by Alexa Chung’s this year and items that you need to copy them.

We have looks of all kinds: day and night, more arranged and more casual. So do not miss them and check out as you You can copy them. ¡Mira!

Off-road look to your fingertips

The look of day I have chosen Alexa has been one of my favorites of the year. Sailor stripes and the animal print mix shows that Alexa has no fear of nothing in it comes to fashion and thanks to his boldness in this aspect, achieved those looks of scandal.

If you have a Leopard coat, so do not use only plain garments. Make like Alexa and plays with clothes. You can also find a striped shirt in Zara to 9.95 euros.

Leopard wrap is so trendy that you can find it anywhere, we show you this of Zara also.

The skinny jeans are pants favorite of Alexa, which also often combined with flat shoes. In the photo, carries a Chanel dancers as it could not be less, Zara, It has also cloned them.

Finally, a small bag in black with string to get everything you need in a Sunday morning.

One of the best looks with trench coat and dress that you can imitate with garments of ASOs

This look of Alexa at the Paris fashion week was another delight. We love your dress in blue that also too and it combines with its delicate beauty.

ASOs It is well known to imitate all the clothes that fashion and even though the quality isn’t anything of this world, their prices not go bad. This trench coat in beige is a classic that you must have, you want to imitate Alexa or not.

A blue dress is very simple to find in ASOs. We chose this one, which is also ideal for parties that come up.

For the Paris fashion week, Alexa decided to carry a bag type bowling which fits absolutely everything. It would take notebooks to write down on parades and personal camera? We do not know but you can put whatever you want in this of Mango.

On his feet, Alexa wore beautiful shoes of Valentino are not within the reach of all budgets but if its essence: short heel and finishes at peak.

Night look: serious and sexy point

This look of Alexa are passionate about and it has everything to become a great look: sexy, chic and young. The choice of the shirt for the black shorts of something shiny fabric is a very good choice for a more serious event.

You can find a shirt in beige fabric elegant in Mango (the famous shirt Olivia Palermo in Spain looked at the feast of handle).

Black shorts with a bit of flight and at least arranged fabric of the shirt to remove seriousness to the set, of Mango.

These shoes with platform in color black are the new collection of Mango and they seem quite comfortable for nights that are extended.

A rather striking collar on a white or beige blouse is a perfect choice for the night. With this and a small bag you will be perfect for any event that you present.

Breastplate t-shirt sailor and dancers: the most ideal look

This is another one of the looks of Alexa that launched it to fame as a style icon: peto black belted animal print and Jersey seafood under. On their feet, flat shoes, and this girl prefer dancers to heels.

Can find you a bib as the Alexa in Urban Outfitters, a brand that has the model’s style very precious things.

Shirt marine, in a more expensive version that we saw before, with heart detail. Of Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

Go for a flight with shirt skirt and rustic meets modern

We love this look of the model with skirt, shirt and cardigan. To subtract seriality to cincuenteros aires skirt nothing better than to put him under a shirt with a powerful design, that Alexa is fanatic.

You’ll find a similar t-shirt in a thousand places. We chose this of Urban Outfitters with a detail very naive. Remember to combine it with the color of your skirt and descordinar wool jacket.

The skirt we show you is of Top Shop, where the it girl often buy things. And it is that nothing like mixing expensive clothes and low cost there is.

Finally a nice cardigan in orange that breaks the monochrome of beige. Also of Top Shop.