Death of Mr. Blackwell, Fashion Critic against Bad Taste

Bad news is always having to talk about the death of someone, and in this case is it more as a large, quits as it was Mr Blackwell, alias after which was Richard Sylvan Selzer. In fashion circuits, its name was feared by all those famous posh and that they didn’t have good taste despite carrying the best Armani suit, the latest model of Yves Saint Laurent or the latest proposal from Alexander McQueen.

Mr. Blackwell was made popular by the list of famous worst dressed published every year since 1960, accompanying it with pearls in forms of critique, and publishing in the US magazine. Today, an intestinal infection caused death to the 86 years of age.

His was the crusade against bad taste, his was the intention to leave the world of fashion only to those famous that they do have the class required to parade through any red carpet and convey elegance. Among those names, the British had no place for the American critic Victoria Beckham, who led the latest list of the worst dressed.

In addition to the spouse of the footballer, they received their “praise” people such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sharon Stone, and even, Camila Parker-Bowles. No one escaped its pen of fashion critic.

Despite the fame came with the black list of fashion, Mr. Blackwell also had its list of ten independent fabulous fashion, It was actor, writer of two books and even got some popularity in the 1950s as a designer.

A great loss, which leaves us without its great truths about the style.

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