Default Work Look

Who do you think a work look can be equal to the day to day or fool baladas. Is causing a certain controversy that Rede Globo have downloaded recently a series of standards for the costumes of the journalists, only, in fact, these rules are general, and all according to what we see in books.

In fact, a look is a look at part of the intended for leisure, a wardrobe with its own characteristics, and that is independent of you work in formal or informal more companies, because in both cases, the look of work has nothing to do with a look to practice some sport, go to a party or even to stay home.

But choosing the right look is not hard, not to miss, the general rule is simple: the look of work does not need to follow the latest trends of fashion or fads to pass a more mature and professional image, but also cannot be too conservative, not to pass an image of person out of date.

How to Assemble the Look of Work

If you know of these ground rules is still feeling a little lost in time to set up your work wardrobe, don’t worry, we’ll show you the short list, which the globe denies the existence, but that, if it’s true or not, is very well elaborated and serves for most people of any type of business here and outside. Pen and paper in hand, write it down:

Its length should be short or medium, shoulder-length tops, because long hair call much attention, the fringes are forbidden, because they let the journalist look like a teenager.

In general, both as earrings necklaces, bracelets and watches should be small, discreet, no stones and it is prohibited to use more than one ring in the same hand.

According to information, until five years ago, the colored glaze were prohibited, now, however, the beige tones and wines are allowed, but … Black nails blue, green and purple, no way.

Clothes is banned, journalists should prefer loose parts in the body, because mark less, and women should be careful with knits and fabrics, spandex, eschewing show bras and “tires”.

The short sleeves are banned, like baby look, the bouffant and the very bulky, because the first don’t fit for women with fat arms while the bouffant infantilize.

The models in chess, patterned and streaked strongly contrasted are forbidden because they call too much attention and because they can cause “heartbeat” on video, generating a distortion in the image.

Ruffles and kneading fabrics very like linen, and brightness or low-cut clothes cannot be used in the video, the transparencies are allowed, provided with another clothes underneath.

The capri pants (the ones that hit in the Shin), very fair (skinnies), sarouels and leggings are forbidden to go to the street, the recommended are tailoring for men, jeans can, since straight cutting and traditional, but no pants torn or washes that discolor the brim.