Did You Know That No Pink Has Always Been a Girls Colour?

For a long time, the Rose was only a color that used both men and women without distinction. Between 1720 and 1775 French Court was who dictated fashion. The rich nobles used to dress in pink, and when they donated their costumes to the Church, this transformed them into liturgical vestments. Famous is the portrait by the painter George Romney – the more famous portraitist of the era – to Sir Francis Lind, in 1776, where he poses wearing a vest of silk in pink to match the Chair where sits.

An Oxford man should always have in your wardrobe a three-piece pink suit

In 1927 Time magazine surveyed ten large major stores in the country to find out if they associated the blue and pink colors with the children and girls. The result of the survey was that most of them wore white because although he was a dirty colour, was also the easiest to clean.

There is a scene in the film the Great Gatsby, in which Tom Buchanan tells le Gatsby an Oxford man should always have in your wardrobe a three piece pink swimsuit. Gatsby took good note, and chose for the colors of the team sponsoring… pink and black!

The amazing dress of Mamie Eisenhower

Those engaged in the study of color ensure that until the mid-twentieth century, the pink did not become a girly color. Many historians pointed out that it was the election of Dwight Eisenhower as President of the United States that marked a before and an after. I explain: Mamie Eisenhower, your loving spouse, was presented to the inaugural ball of taking possession of her husband with a stunning dress in pink taffeta adorned with 2,000 crystals which reproduced tiny diamonds and long gloves of the same tone.

In an era in which women had to leave their homes to replace their husbands in the factories – by what still big shoes and jeans wore comfortably with bib pants – the vision of Mamie and her Pink prom dress should cause a strong impact.

The Rose was the favorite color of the first lady was not an anecdote, but rather something that everyone could go by checking with the passing of the months. During the Eisenhower administration, Mamie decorated many rooms with this color, and some pictures of the new kitchen that had been commanded to do, also pink were even published. A time in which people began to refer to the White House as The Pink Palace, but the truth is that in many households the ladies began to imitate the example of Mrs. Eisenhower.

Grace Kelly and other pink princesses

Pink had become fashionable and was trend. Many actresses and singers didn’t hesitate to appear dressed in pink during his performances both on the big screen and in the theaters. At the moment I am reminded of Marilyn Monroe singing the song Diamonds are girls best friends in the movie “gentlemen prefer blondes” (1953), or in those photographs of the actress file Jayne Mansfield in which saw it is marry dressed in pink, driving a convertible pink and to paint the facade of his house in that color.

Many were those who were inspired by that color to marry. Now don’t we realize because most of the photographs of the era were in black and white but Grace Kelly was married to a beautiful soft pink lace costume by Helen Rose also responsible for costumes for the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and the actresses Dorothy Dandridge and Jane Seberg.

If I give to Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty and Jan names maybe not say you anything, but if I tell you that they were thus called the Pink Ladies from Grease film surely more than one sound. Four bad girls of Rydell Institute which was so called because defending the spirit gang member and an uninhibited and uninhibited, femininity using so everyone it differentiate a few pink jackets that were embroidered on the back the name of the group. Apparently, this gang existed in reality (1953-1955), and they came to be around some 50. Liked volleyball and go dancing, and so deemed them a social sports club participated in the charitable works of the police.

With the passage of the years, pink has evolved, but it has become the favorite color of the girls and a synonym of femininity typical of romantic and delicate creatures although many associate it with an excess of tenderness and sentimentality.

Interestingly, growing up, both women and men go to consider to rosa as a child color or as a symbolic color of femininity defined as the opposite of the masculindiad, but in a negative sense. Remember, but the Barbie Girls! However, as pink is getting older is probably because it is a color that is associated with the youth When life was pink, and lovers they were in charge of whisper them words of love to making sentences disappear as Édith Piaf sang.

The best example that I can think of to illustrate this fact is to show you a photo of the writer of romantic novels Barbara Cartland – grandmother of the missing Lady Di-, who was always dressed in pink toes to head and with feather hats, which was buried to his death in 2000 wearing your favorite color in his mansion North of London under an oak that dish Isabel I in 1550.