DIY Children’s Backpacks

Children’s backpacks decorated here is DIY ideas! Decorate and personalize the backpacks for kids is a fun and creative way to give a unique and personal touch to your child’s school supplies. Therefore, decorating a folder or a backpack with do it yourself we can make happy our children and ensure that these accessories are more beautiful and particular to those bought in stores!

DIY Children's Backpacks

The kid’s backpack for school should be beautiful and original, but above all it must have pleased the small house. In trade we always find many models for sale, but often the risk is what children they are with school accessories similar or even equal to each of them. Therefore, a good idea is to produce low cost of custom backpacks, with original and fun DIY decorations. This way you can bring back as new old backpacks or you can create new and customize them to your liking.

DIY Children's Backpacks 3

Ways to decorate the children’s backpacks are really many, but to make these creations let us always inspire your imagination and that of your children, to create something truly special and unique. Let us see some nice idea for your creations!

Decorations for the backpacks with writings

DIY Children's Backpacks 2

To give the small backpack a touch really personal, you can customize it under his name or his initials. In this way, the child’s backpack doesn’t get confused with that of other children and this avoids the approval. However, you only have to write the initials or full name on the fabric of the carrier, choosing one side more or less precise in view, depending on your preference. To realize the writing used a permanent marker or suitable colors to write on the fabric, such as acrylic (Alternatively, opt for embroidery or cross stitch if you have some familiarity with the needle and thread). However, to bring about the letters of the name of your child, you can also use other materials such as scraps of patterned and colored fabric or felt. Finally, the application of decorations on the fabric of the backpack, use a stapler or glue!

Original decorations for the backpacks of children

DIY Children's Backpacks 1

When it comes to Add details to backpacks for kids there is an embarrassment of choice: from shiny sequins to Rhinestones, ribbons to glitter, from plush to ribbons. However, even using the simple cloth or fabric scraps you can make beautiful handmade decorations such as ribbons, drawings or designs of your choice (flowers, hearts, musical notes, geometric shapes, lace etc …), which are useful to give a touch of originality and color. With the studs or rhinestones instead, the final effect will surely be more rock, so these decorations are perfect for little girls anymore “.However, to decorate the backpacks you can also add pendants, charms, pins and embroidered with your child’s favorite cartoon characters (useful also to cover tissue defects of the carrier).

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