Do You Recognize These 90s Icon?

Once she stole his designer clothes, now advertises them again for Designer Marc Jacobs: Winona Ryder (44) with their unique DOE eyes is the new star in the beauty campaign of the designer.

The eyes of black and white eye liner stressed the lips delicately pink around the neck a Pearl Necklace – would we not know it, we have not recognized 90s icon Winona Ryder. It is advertising in the latest campaign for the beauty products, their buddies for their good friend and designer Marc Jacobs (52).

Erste Bilder von Marc Jacobs Beauty
Marc Jacobs huge is pleased about his muse and shares a first photo on Instagram ever. And also we can rejoice: thanks to a mirror, Winona Ryder’s nice and perfect make-up face on the screen is to see twice. In an interview with “Allure”, the star of films such as “Reality Bites” (1994) or “Edward Scissorhands” recalled: “it was a long, but really great day. I’m not a model, so I need getting some help during such shoots because I don’t have the right poses ready in a natural way.”

Extenuating circumstances

In the winter of 2001, Winona Ryder was caught in a branch of the noble department store Saks in Beverly Hills shoplifting. As well deserving actress she would afford probably easily the designer goods valued at about 4000 Euros – including a Marc Jacobs sweater for nearly 560 euros; the louder the rumor mill to mental confusion and drug abuse seethed.

In court, she escaped with a suspended sentence – where they incidentally to each day of the trial in chastising outfits by Marc Jacobs (51) presented. For the designer, enough reasons two years later as the face of his own collection to book his famous fan – a media move for himself and for the first step back to the public (media) Ryder-life.