Employees Should Wear Sexist T-Shirts

Actually, the American textile company wanted to free American Apparel from his scandal – and dirty image. But an employee action backfired now properly.

“Ask me to take it all off” – all employees of U.S. branches of American Apparel should wear a T-Shirt or a PIN with this slogan on Black Friday, which takes place this year on November 27. This day is a shopping happening in the United States, because all shops with sales of Super and mega discounts. But the American Apparel action is misleading.


“Ask me to take it all off” – a pun on brenzliges. Because on the one hand, and so was the action by American Apparel intends, it is an allusion to the Super discounts (something in America is “off”, then it is sold out). Literally means “ask me to take it all off”: “me urge to pull everything out.”

For some employees clearly a sexist allusion that outraged so went to the public. “The company encouraged customers to harass my colleagues and me,” a staffer criticized the action against the Portal “our site”. This was even worse against the background that a large part of the seller consist of young women in the high school age, are only 15 years old.

Black Friday

American Apparel decided after the protests of employees, to stop the campaign. In a release, the company wrote: “We admit that that has angered a co-worker expressed their concerns.” Therefore you decided not to use the slogan.

The failed campaign is just one of many bad news for American Apparel. In October, the fashion chain reported on insolvency, 2014, company founder Dov Charney, the company was thrown, because he repeatedly to have molested staff. Also due to its sexist campaigns, AA repeatedly came into criticism – an image of the brand under the new leadership, wanted to actually to adopt. Because obviously it puts back on the old mesh.