Emporio Armani Men’s Milan Fashion Week

For Giorgio Armani, the next winter for young fashion will be “total black”, i.e., completely black, color star of his collection in all its versions, silk, velvet and acrylics. It is the color smart by nature, just like the Armani man.

Jacket It is the essential for the season autumn-winter 2007 / 2008 for the Italian designer. They are precious and elegant for any pants, since it can be combined with a cowboy than of its corresponding suit pants.

His collection also has futuristic touches in the best tradition of Armani tailoring and with certain features of the Renaissance.

Have been several types of Aviator jackets in tones of Brown and gray, coats of different cuts and Levites Black, very elegant and striking.

“We have tried to put the color on the runway, but as you can see it has been almost impossible. “Useless to deny it, but black makes a handsome man, as white fattening to anyone”, said Giorgio Armani.

The collection, which is very long, since there was some 80 outlets, is entirely Western, without ethnic inspirations, although tie disappears giving way to shirts with zips and elevations and short necks.

Articles of the EA7 Snow collection, designed for skiers and mountain also asphalt, are objects of luxury, with metallic fabrics and innovative, lightweight, waterproof, breathable materials. Very futuristic.