Fashion Trends Summer 2013

Dall’acquamarina to emerald green, in magnetic patterns on satin fabrics impalpable or plain, it’s time to dress the bright tones of the water and the sea.

The turquoise color is the protagonist of the fashion trends summer 2013. The  supreme nuance in season, is a trend in fashion of which we had had a full preview on the catwalks of spring-summer 2013 fashion shows with incredible couture creations signed by the most important fashion house of ‘high international fashion.

A hundred shades of turquoise on the catwalk

Turquoise interpreted in spring-summer 2013 catwalk in the most seasonal collections famous fashion designers.

Gucci  brings a hundred shades of turquoise at the maximum elegance, creating in the collection spring-summer 2013 a series of complete seventies appeal with blouse and wide palazzo pants, with soft and hyper current lines, chic essence. Or the Florentine fashion house focuses on total look decisive and shining, where the watchword become daring with color, a bet that starts the long dress by floating and slippery in precious silk satin evening up to sandals in shiny patent leather tone on ton.

Most irreverent and casual vision of Custo Barcelona faithful that follows the leitmotif of all the collections of the fashion house, reinterpreting the brightest shades of turquoise pattern in urban and contemporary graphics and sometimes even a little ‘rock. A more romantic vision, ethereal and feminine is instead to Alberta Ferretti imagining a sensual, sparkling and flawless from head to foot in delicate aquamarine colors.

The trend color of the summer 2013

The turquoise color of the sea, is the tendency of 2013. One hundred shades of turquoise is the color of the sea, or simply the deep blue as would the friend Nemo. Charming and fascinating sea, mysterious and magnetic. Dall’acquamarina to emerald green, there is no longer in vogue tone for this beautiful season and representing more summer in all its many facets: the landscapes that take shape, the flavors and stronger perfumes, instincts and passions that they wake up. And in the most turquoise has definitely many advantages, can be a valuable beauty ally for us women. In addition to making us feel better immediately when you wear, because it is a positive and intense chroma, it is good for your mood and makes us feel even more radiant and solar.

How many times have you been to see in the window that maxi dress of degradation of the ocean and think already to a white Caribbean beach where you lie down on a couch to languish in the sun with a frozen drink in hand and perhaps with him? Or connect a bijoux of turquoise to that unforgettable vacation on the island of Capri? There is no shade in the bright pastel palette that references so immediately summer. Turquoise is therefore right always in the spotlight during the warm months. Do you know that in many ancient cultures the eponymous gem is a precious talisman lucky charm?

A shade that stands out the tan and the look

Dark complexion or sallow? Turquoise stands out the tan summer.

Turquoise is an intense shade that stands out the complexion, emphasizes the look and highlights the tan. And for this it is one of the most exploited summer colors always by the most famous designers of many international fashion house and the most famous fashion brands. For this’ Summer 2013 Pantone he had already predicted the success of one of the hundred shades of turquoise or emerald green. And so it is. It’s a detail or a glam accessory, from the bag to the jewel clutch, from scarves to sandals, to the sunglasses (why not), or the enamel, this color is sure to keep in mind for the wardrobe of the season and even more holiday.

As you wear the color of the sea?

Ideas to wear turquoise for brighter and more luminous look.

There is talk here of a brilliant and charismatic shades, if you do not want to overdo it, choose it in a nutshell. Or try to match a light blouse and flowing to a white Capri pants or a degradation of green or blue softer. The chic Riviera effect is at once assured.

Alternatively bets on details. Think for example to a cocktail dress in optical white or floral design of vintage allure sported a flashy rain aquamarine jewelry. A perfect look for summer days, both the office-maybe with a more polished shoe and elegante- that combined with a fun and ironic wedge for short trips out of the weekend.

Or a fine minaudière catching looks for a more challenging outfits and large soiree. Safer can also opt for a total look with a matching dress color or a tie-dye pattern, a full-tone shorts and shirt for bolder, better though always try to create a contrast to make out the color, for example with an accessory gold. Even for the most trendy make-up and its beautiful turquoise shades are rampant in the collections of the brand more attention to fashion trends. You can bet on a shining pearl eye shadow or effect, especially if you have blue or green eyes, or on the enamel, missed the new Bubbles Pupa.

The garments to put on wish list for summer 2013

Best item of the summer 2013, here are some bosses it. The maxi dress folk diTwin-Set by Simona Barbieri, perfect for recreating an ethnic look beautiful and glamorous. The sheath skirt and high waist Moschino Cheap and Chic, and do not forget your beachwear, beautiful and the trikini bustier bikini with rhinestones, always signed Twin-Set. To shine on his own at the pool.