Fashion Week: the Best looks From Paris to Milan

Now that is all concluded our home of social networks are perhaps more relaxed and flowing normally. The fashion week have driven anything. From the various and possible social networks, to post on blogs in the world, to newspapers, to the lives of those who lived through those hectic days. it is not all so nice and quiet like maybe you can think of. Follow fashion shows, presentations, take pictures of street style, chasing events (the right ones though!) It is not a simple thing. Especially for professionals who are literally forced to fretting sipping the minutes as if they were drops of gold. And well, now I’d like to share with you, my dear bigodine, the look that I liked better having a super watchful eye on both the Milan Fashion Week and on the Paris Fashion Week.


As always Eleonora Carisi of Jou Jou Villeroy remains one of my favorite bloggers. Always creative, never boring and perfect with her ​​new brown hair. Here it is in her look at PFW.

Veronica Ferraro from The Fashion Fruit wore this crazy look herself in Paris. Let us love her.

How Not to mention then Chiara Ferragni… In this outfit I think he has outdone herself. Do not believe?

And then also in November Candle he has kidnapped my eyes at this elegant outfits.

Finally Daria Shapovalova that, while not a fashion blogger, but a fashion editor, it needs to be mentioned. In this look it is really fabulous.


It ended a week before the Paris fashion week, but there are still the look that I want to show you why I liked them a lot. Let’s start with Maria Giovanna Abagnale of My Glamour AttitudeThis looks very much meets my taste as you can imagine. Skirt and romantic shirt. Elegant and essential. I liked it, to you?

Finally, here is Rossella Padolino of The Fashion Twice in a very strong outfit but equally creative.

Of course, now I’m curious to find out your opinion, what is the look you have preferred?