First Images of Penelope Cruz in The Filming of His New Movie Nine

Not for a moment, if recently I was finished the promotional tour of Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, Penélope Cruz is already immersed in the filming of his new film project, the adaptation to the big screen from the Broadway musical Nine.

The same that in their day were another Spanish, Antonio Banderas, whose character was to interpret in movies Javier Bardem, but in the end due to “agenda problems” might not be successful. Bardem had to give up the role in favor of a brand new Daniel Day-Lewis, He pictured more above we see with Pe in a moment of filming in England.

Penelope will give life to one of the mistresses of Lewis, Carla, a man who must share with Marion Cotillard (to make the role of his wife), Nicole Kidman (his muse) and Kate Hudson (for Vogue magazine film critic). I, if he, without a doubt, I would stay with Cruz. By way of anecdote is worth mentioning that Fergie will also have its moment of glory in the film, and what you don’t know what will do? Prostitute. And here I can read…