Five Ideas of Looks That Petal in Coachella (Or at The Festival More Nearby)

You can that Coachella is very far from here, but surely we have some closer Music Festival with an interesting poster in which we can also look Palm. Music festivals have become the Mecca of the Postureo. So if you want petal with your look at festival, These points five ideas of Fashion Pills.

The Leopard swimsuit

Bathing suits are the new bodies in music festivals. Anything goes in this wild environment and rock ‘n’ roll. A swimsuit with Leopard print that costs 75 euros, shorts, jeans, hat and boots may not be the combination that you look on a daily basis, but in Coachella.

Exotic jewelry

Festivals in the Add-ins they are fundamental to achieve a cool outfit. We cannot go without hats, handbags, pendants and bracelets. This set jewelry set Silver tikka (is what the model is in the hair), cost of 16,90 euros, and bracelet with rings, 29.90 euros. Get an exotic look with your jewelry.

Fringe dress

At Coachella, the fringes are sweeping, so a black dress finished with fringe at the bass can be definitive to succeed. The short dress costs 100 euros.

The kimono

The exotic and oriental touch is essential at festivals. The kimono comes to us to finish it looks simple. A Kimono flowers, with Rhinestones, fringe or beads is a basic festivals suitcase.

Crochet dress

The crochet dresses they put a point of craftsmanship to your outfit, a hippie and at the same time very sexy daub. In Ecru color, this crochet dress costs 150 euros.