For Once without Scandal Nathalie Du Pasquier for American Apparel

Yikes, what’s going on American Apparel in the House? No scandal, no exposure, not even a hint of provocation? No, actually the latest news of the American retailers this time without all that comes from – and focuses instead wholeheartedly on the clothes. Granted, everything else would have been really a bit sad at this lovely prank: prints all over, two-parter crackers and a pretty successful video, ushering in the latest collaboration of the controversial fashion giant.

The reason: Nathalie Du Pasquier, designed for the first time for American Apparel. The a or the name may seem others known, du Pasquier was part of the design movement in Memphis, who simply wanted to make the prevailing functionality of things away in the 80s – and instead with a lot of imagination, explosions of colour and unconventional creations provoked what was that stuff. Now, from furniture design to fashion and the result has become pretty awesome.

Nathalie you Pasquier for American Apparel from American Apparel on Vimeo.

Today we know: who decides about what is functional or not? The current collaboration anyway, again very cleverly combines art and fashion, quite wonderfully combines portability with expressive prints and things is a quite refreshing interpretation for the summer of 2014th Peu a peu spin since 13 March at the stores – well, at least in the Berlin (Mitte) polizeiruf and the Munich branch. Germany is to make anything else unfortunately – except online, of course.

Who still closer should look at the collection, which clicks just fix this way.

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