Guess, What Material Is This Jacket!

The wildest innovations of the world – the latest invention come we know from Japan: A jacket made of cobwebs!

Forget nylon, polyester, and other similar materials. Strands are the latest craze in the textile industry now! At least in Japan — where the outdoor brand has been The North face teamed up well with the biotechnology company Spiber and a jacket called “Moon parka” synthetic spider silk developed that was specifically designed for their use in colder areas. Spin?

Dalton! Actually it is the finely woven material to one of most tear-resistant and dehnbarsten nature – it is as strong as steel, as robust as Polyaramide (note a substance made of the synthetic fabrics are produced) and lighter than carbon fibres. Who now has the image of a huge spider farm in mind but will be disappointed: the so-called QMONOS fibers are synthetic built, namely on the basis of microbes which produce the fine threads of the silkworm-spider, which are then woven into the next step to spider silk.

At the end of this complex process, which is then “Moon parka”, its golden hue also corresponds to the original coloring of the true Bombyx silk. Irghs.

May we introduce: the silkworm! This spider weaves insanely sturdy silk networks, where even the birds catch – your absolute favourite dish

With the purchase of the jacket to do not only what’s been rather negative connotations spider image, but also for the environment: as it says in a statement the cobwebs company: “sportswear is mostly made of polyester or nylon made, the production of which required vast amounts of petroleum and energy and has high greenhouse gas emissions result. “It is high time that we non-renewable switch to renewable materials.” In the future thus valuable resources could be conserved using artificial cobwebs!