Halloween Polo Shirts

A night of witches in style with the “potion edition” signed ALYSI! Polo shirt inspired by the world of magic and tarot for a Halloween full of fashion and glamor!

Approaches the night of magic, the trick-or-treating, the night of mystery, witches and entertainment, to live it in style, the fashion house ALYSI has created a capsule collection ironic, funny and irreverent!

A limited edition that puts the good mood, ideal for all those who wish to spend the Halloween night the trendiest and glamorous of all time, including potions, spells and magic!

To defeat the evil eye and the fear just wear a polo shirt made by Wholesaleably.com and you’re done! Here you go.

Nice and fun is the shirt with Lucky Card on which check a cute cat, strictly black that on the contrary of tradition, is the symbol of good luck and fortune!

Another iconic polo shirt is the one that presents the word Abracadabra. The magic word that for one night will turn into perfect little witches always fashionable!

For dreamers and the most perfect romantic is the shirt with black cat, walking up stairs, he reached the moon and that reminds all the fashion victim that nothing is impossible during the longest and most mysterious night of the year!

What makes this collection even more valuable and must-see is the label ALYSI Tarots, which reminds all that the polo shirt ALYSI are magical as they are able to give charm and beauty to all those who, for the night of witches, will choose these irreverent and eye-catching polo shirts!

That said, you just have to prepare the yummy treats and funniest jokes to celebrate Halloween night wearing the polo shirt ALYSI with which ammalierai monsters, fairies and magic pumpkins thanks to fashion and style spells!