Hang a Katy Perry in The Neck. or at Least It Looks Your Jewellery for Claire’s Collection

There are bloggers who make their first steps as a model, actresses who dare to sing, and singers who design capsule collections for some firms. In this last group are Katy Perry, next to the signature low-cost Claire’s, has just launched its own collection Katy Perry Prism. It’s one exclusive collection This signature to be released to coincide with the start of their Tour world Prismatic in may This year (along with the release of their latest album, Prism).

In this way, we will find limited editions products, seasonal novelties, collectibles products and inspired products in the lyrics and titles of their successes. In other words, the collection is be updated regularly until the 2016.

Seeing their costumes in their numerous exits both video clips, I can imagine where will be focused all their collections, although perhaps I am surprised. Who knows, perhaps Katy Perry It shows the world that not only is given well that sing, but the world of design is also made for her.

What do you think about this union?