Hat Fedora: How to Use and Where to Buy Hat Male

The face, the hat male really took a beating in the last hundred years. It has been demoted from a pre-requirement of the adultidade to the negative zone in the hierarchy of needs sartoriais. The fedora hat and its relatives, trilby, bowler, homburg, porkpie, etc., are gone of the male wardrobe in the second half of the 20th century.

Hat Fedora How to Use and Where to Buy Hat Male

During the part of the story, the man was inseparable from his hat. In the modern era, the fedora is one of the models the most classic of hat making male. It was used with different levels of formality, from Casablanca to the Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but from the 1950’s, the use has been decreasing more and more. Today, rare are the men who use it. This is not good nor bad, they are just reflections of the times in which we live.

Let’s talk a little bit about the hat in this text, especially the fedora. Before I start, I have a favor to ask. Even though you have not finished reading, leave a comment if you have a recommendation of a GOOD physical store in your city to buy a GOOD hat. Your registry can help someone who lives close by, in addition to give power to a local shop that probably has less and less customers! Combined?

To the extent that the formality of the clothing continues to decrease, crossing paths with a man dressed in a suit and hat on turned to be extremely rare. If you have already spent by men so, how many were older? Probably the most. And if you saw a younger man dressed the same way, it would seem natural? Probably not.

The main reason is obvious. A person hat is an unusual sight. Therefore, even the individual perfectly aligned tends to raise more suspicion than if it were with a cap or beanie male in the head.

And, as you might expect, the young usually are not yet so comfortable or mature in your own style. So when you decide to wear an accessory with a threshold of the allocation so low, any little thing the goes to the bad side of the line.

So, how can we successfully combine this classic style and the aesthetic sensibilities of modern?

Let’s start by understanding what is a fedora hat to think of how best to bring the context of the past to the present day.

What is the fedora hat

Fedora is not a specific type of hat; it is a basic set of features that give rise to hundreds of variations of style, from the hats gangster with wide-brimmed 1920s up to the more narrow and modern, preferred by singer Frank Sinatra in the 50’s and 60’s.

A fedora is:

  • Any felt hat soft – used to be made of felt skin, despite the fact that today there are options in felts and fabrics.
  • With cup marked approximately 10 cm to 15 cm in height.
  • Flap is soft and pliable, with 5 cm to 10 cm in width, and may be adjusted up or down.
  • It is “depth” in the cup, as if someone had given a pinch in it.
  • One of the trademarks of this hat is that it can be shaped, scored, scaled, and folded in endless combinations, based on the preference of the user.
  • The term “fedora” was used for the first time at the beginning of the decade of 1890, when it was related to a play titled, Fédora, in which the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt wore a felt hat soft and creased.
  • When the use of hats was mandatory, dress codes dictated the rules for each social situation, there are hats appropriate for each moment. The complete collection of a respectable gentleman included a top hat, a bowler, a Homburg, the Lord’s Hat, and berets, in addition to a felt hat soft.
  • Until then, the felt hats soft were mainly used by men of lower class and average, that they had only a hat multipurpose. Shortly after the turn of the century, the fedora came to be considered a hat country. When fashion was divided “city” and “the field”, it was for the hats as well as the coat of tweed was for the navy blue suit, the more informal by nature.
  • The Homburg was the hat the formal choice of the upper classes (the hat of Winston Churchill at the time of the second war), but in 1924, the Prince of Wales was seen wearing a fedora. As always, the prince had a tremendous influence on the style of the era, and popularized the hat in the mainstream.
  • Other factors that contributed to the popularity of the model in the next four decades were the scarcity of shellac to hats hard during the war and the change of fashion in the decade of 1920, which took a direction more casual.
  • If you’re a fan of old movies, you can notice how long that goes on, this time put the working man always of fedora, while the power aristocrat is represented by another type of hat and suit more formal:
  • The flexible features of Fedora allowed him to be created in various combinations of shapes, crowns, colors, borders, materials and details.
  • Due to the variations almost endless, and the ads rarely call the hat by this name but by a name of the template created by the manufacturer of the hat. In 1940, more than 2 million men have purchased a hat “Playboy” of the Stetson, a fedora.
  • The own Panama hat more famous has these characteristics, but is made of straw.
  • From the decade of 1920, the hat became a fashion icon for outlaws like Al Capone and the characters of the Hollywood “tough” as those of Humphrey Bogart.
  • Only the high class and the men aristocratic maintained loyalty to the old system of a hat different for each occasion; for the common man, the fedora was a jack of all trades used in both formal and informal.

The popularity of the style reached the peak in 40 years and started to decrease in the years 50 and 60. When JFK made his oath without a hat on his head, the industry hall tree has suffered a fatal blow from which they never would recover. Fedora tabs is short and trilbys (a hat with a brim too short) dominated the last decade of the hat before giving space to the long hair of the 70’s.

In the 1980’s, the fedora hat was reborn thanks to the adventurer-archaeologist Indiana Jones. The trilogy takes place in the 1930s, and the character was written as a tribute to the action heroes of that time, then a brown hat made total sense. The performance iconic Harrison Ford is so connected to the fedora became one of the most memorable moments in the history of the hat.

In the same decade, the hat has been reinterpreted as an accessory completely modern by the king of pop, Michael Jackson, who preferred shades of black and white. Despite the influence of the style of MJ and of the origins of informal, the hat today continues to be associated with gentlemen, elegant and formal styles.

When the youth of the 90’s and 2000 felt the need to dress better, but didn’t know how they looked in the deep dark for something “elegant”. In this darkness, they found the fedora hat.

And more recently, became synonymous with affectation of extreme thanks to the hipster with the hat on the back supported and the one “gentleman” modern mustache waxed and bow tie.

If we add the neckbeards trying to look like Indiana Jones, the bartenders vest, and suspenders, the Backstreet Boys, it is difficult to imagine the fedora regaining his status of style in the collective consciousness.

But if you followed the text until here, you should already be asking because it would be so difficult to wear a hat that has been popular for over 40 years precisely because it was a workhorse ready for any time.

How to use fedora hat

Be comfortable wearing an accessory such unusual hat male can be a difficult task, since you need a lot of confidence to wear something that serves as a flashy the lighthouse visual with the message doubtful for the most people. But just have confidence is not enough; you also need to be able to upload the visual on the back.

Formal styles

Hats men are very, very, very difficult to use with ease in the style more formal in men’s clothing. The season of suits with a fedora and coveralls went by, and rescues it successfully requires a lot of effort and alignment of expectations.

The first point is that the conventions current in the world of business and professional environments do not include a hat. If you show up to a business meeting dressed as a industrialist of 40 years, will attract looks suspicious.

In my opinion, dress in a hat in a business environment that is traditional and being taken seriously is virtually impossible. If it is a party, can be… especially if you are a half-liberal.

If you have flexibility and want to even combine a fedora with the tailor classic on the day-to-day, pay a lot of attention in the rest of your outfit, since the hat will attract more attention to your style.

I separated some pictures of examples that I like. In all these, the person takes the tailoring of the context that is now considered “common” and to treat the clothing as if it were a suit for the day-to-day, as well as in days gone by.

This photo is Cody, Welema Hats. You can read more about it on the hats the male that he is. All the details of the “outfit” shout old school, from the tips of the collar to the mouth of the pants.

You can also take advantage of cuts as well casual tailoring and accessories stripped:

Or even combine with other classic outfits with traditional cuts. In the photo below, the members of Bryceland exchange the shirt social for a blouse polo complemented by a afivela interesting, and the suit jacket for a jacket work.

Styles casual

The spectrum casual of the menswear is a little more tolerant.

Lately, I have seen this type of hat being very well used with clothing style workwear, that involves parts that you probably already are part of the wardrobe of majority of guys. It is the safest way to approach the visual of a way casual.

Personally, I like the fedoras and trilbies more unstructured, which combine well with a wardrobe that is more robust and rough. They can be crushed, rolled up in a pocket and abused with detachment, which – as many other things that I like – it makes them the best.

Helps to decrease the allocation if your hat is not flawless. He needs to be accustomed with your head have gone to places with you. A good example is the traveling hat Borsalino Victor Collor that he uses so uncomplicated.

Also help show a bit of age and personality in the face, and that is why older men or with certain styles of beard tend to look good with hats.

How old is old enough? It is difficult to say, but if you have a baby face or beard very failure, a good sunglasses can help anchor the look. A good example in real life is the Dennyspirit on Instagram. He wears a lot of hats Stetson , totally organic, accompanied by an enviable collection RLM.

The well soft, you can roll up, also stay cool with coupas casual less aggressive than the above.Something more sophisticated, smooth, rather rustic as the workwear.

Where to buy a fedora hat male

Choose a fedora felt natural. Prefer materials such as wool or fur, they will keep the shape for longer, age better and be more comfortable than synthetic materials. The best are the skin, starting with the hare, and going up to the beaver (in different mixtures and compositions, usually demonstrated by scores.

If you want good hats, to always seek out companies specialized in the production of hats, not those that only care about hats mass produced. And remember, buy a hat size number, not a hat S-M-L. The scaling is the hallmark of a hatter seriously, and the range of numbering will ensure a hat that fits better in your head

Choose a classic color. Avoid bright colors, and black or white. Prefer grey, navy or shades of brown. If you want a bit of color, replace the strip for a striped or color, and maybe add a small penalty.

I recommend starting with a fedora cheaper to adapt. Preferably, visit a physical store but below I’ll list some of the stores in Brazil where you can buy a hat online. Tip: Take advantage of the exchange policies to ask multiple hats, experience in the house, and to return the they did not like it:

Hats in Brazil

  • Marcatto Hat. A good brazilian store. You can start with a felt hat, and if you like to buy one of the skin of the hare. The Marcatto sells hats Stetson fur, I really like this one here, and I recommend you to boot the brand logo on the side with caution.
  • Mary Hat. Are hats remember, the lower quality. Perfect to get you started and feel if you will be able to adapt.
  • Hat Making Vintage. Another option with hats accessible style and more vintage.
  • Pralanais a brand quite traditional. Remember the model of the Stetson, with different levels of quality. An excellent hat brazilian.
  • Another brand (legend) the brazilian is the The factory closed so you have to look there… here in BH I’ve seen some buried in the House Hut… type in Google to see what pops out because you do not have the official store. In the Free Market has some!

Hats Male Premium

After that you are more confident, you can even search hats vintage excellent on eBay or Etsy for good prices friendly, especially if you have a head less. Vintage is a great way to buy a excellent hat made with a material more sophisticated and also to find unusual details today.

Do not worry about hygiene, the inner track can be easily replaced or restored, as well as the lining. The hats are older usually have a much better quality.

In addition to the good brands in brazil mentioned above, if you’re really an enthusiast, you can go straight to chapelarias traditional as:

  • Lock & Co Hatters, England
  • Optimal,United States (Bespoke)
  • Borsalino, Italy
  • Signes, Spain
  • Akubra, Australia
  • Mayser, Germany
  • Stetson, USA
  • Leon Drexler, Canada (Bespoke
  • Wellema Hats, U.S. (Bespoke)
  • HW Dog & Co, Japã0

Oh, if you don’t want something so vintage, has some marks contemporary legal, as the Stoffa (what makes a hat unstructured very cute), Larose Paris and Albertus Swanepoel. Are not on the same level of marks above (and for not having factories, the price theoretically is more expensive in relation to the cost of production), but also are good hats.

These are my tips on how to use a fedora for the male and where to buy a good hat men’s in different price ranges.

If you are in the period of the discovery of its style, where the question type that you make is “which color of the shoe matches with this suit”, I do not recommend to buy a hat now. The idea may sound good, but this is the sort of thing with the potential to transform an outfit median that passes unnoticed in a disaster.

But if you are in the process of exploring and developing a personal style more expressive, a good hat male can really give a great look. A product for life, it can cost some hundreds of dollars, so I recommend starting small to get used to and find that hat that you define.

If you enjoyed, leave your comment. If you have any other recommendation of the store in Brazil, mainly a physical store in your city, please leave a comment also. You may be helping someone who lives near by.