How Are The January Sales?

One of the times that all hope in the world of fashion is when brands decide decrease their prices and make them more accessible to the general public. It is the best time to get with the set that we have been looking at for a while but for one or another reason (usually due to its high price) we have not finished buying.

So until today, when it reached the January 7, We went back by the store to see if it was still on sale (that’s another problem) and as soon as the final price had been. But that until today, because in recent years already some brands it had been forgotten that date and they had anticipated sales a bit, small discounts to tempt the forward to lower prices. Although what we are living This year is not normal, the sales not only have advance a few weeks but it over with Big Savers.

All this be? The answer that we all already have head is the hackneyed crisis. So yes, the crisis and all of its effects is going crazy to the fashion world. The stores are overstocked wherever you go. And that is not good for them, since, obviously, they have to deal with a few payments have produced these items that if they do not sell will produce losses. But in addition comes the the storage problem. We must cope with more expenses because there is no space for everything. It is a vicious cycle, where the consumers can gain like never before.

And is that January will bring the stronger sales that you remember. It is not normal that these chains heights as Cortefiel, Woman Secret or other, are already with 20% on all your clothes. There are plenty of many garments in the shops and you have to give them out.

Sales have fallen because live a delicate moment in the economy and not us can be allowing costs extra every day. So in January stores will have to release all the stock that other years were selling in the previous months. Yes up to Yves Saint Laurent It has already been on sale several weeks & #8230;

But then comes the big question: If today we purchased less than ever, will in January have to buy what we have not done so far? There is that be very careful with the attempt at very low prices, then go billing.

And finally, how much will be the? initial discounts? Large firms sometimes or nothing fell or began in a 5 or 10%. Do this year they enter directly starting from 50% up?

So far are hypothesis but what if we can be sure is that January will bring prices like never before and will have to be tuned to renew the wardrobe. That Yes, always with head and moderation.