How Can Carry Gym Clothes in the Office

Thanks to models such as Miranda Kerr (32) and Gigi Hadid (20), who had always been an elegant and sporty look, is the sporty fashion wave at us across spilled – directly at the desk!

From the gym to the Office or vice versa – her comfortable sports clothes do not wear now around the clock. This look was never hotter than it is now since “Sporty Spice”!

The highlight: The styling should look like when could you come on Sprint every minute – without however awaken associations with the physical education out of school. Rather the whole thing to commemorate in the luxury gym with 1 year subscription and so effortlessly natural look as if you would have went by before the work even at the yoga class. Of course without sweating it – you are so top trained, Roger.

So that the whole direction of gammel-look either in the Juicy Couture tracksuit look a la Paris Hilton drifts off, it is important to keep in mind the following three Golden styling rules:

  1. make sure that absolutely high quality items
    Intends to drive the sports bar, unbeatable in the Office it is recommended to pay attention to high-quality sportswear. Also in the reasonable price range, there are to buy very nice sporty looks, such as for example the parts of the collaboration by adidas with Designer Stella McCartney (44). Especially important: Ensure breathable, hypoallergenic materials, as well as exact fit and they refrain from too wild color experiments.

Leggings are the new jeans 2.
At this point we want to take short time, to clarify which parts of the sport have earned her great performance in any kind of Office. We would generally tend to discourage the combination sports bra and pants. Unless, you wear in a closed Blazer – this would be a suitable sporty look for the relaxed, young creative environment. Leggings may replace our beloved jeans now but also in jobs more on – the rule of thumb is: anywhere with trainers on the feet venturing out, they can also confidently pick up the (flat) leggings!

  1. Let shine skin and hair
    For an authentic “Athleisure” apparition should better be avoided on a dramatic makeup and hair styling. Here comes us just located, that “No.”makeup-makeup is just totally hot. Scrubs and clarifying toner conjure up a fresh complexion, which is brought by a tinted BB cream to the rays. A bit of highlighter in the inner corners of the eye provides for a waking glance – the trick for Office! The hair be either tied up to the half-bun (the current it hairstyle!) or open – especially cool effect in wet-look! But of course only with freshly washed hair.