How Do You Wear a Wide Belt

Female wide belt – it’s irreplaceable piece of wardrobe that is able to emphasize the waist, even if it is not pronounced. It can brighten dress, add spice to costume and make old clothes look new way.

He is able to adjust the figure as you visually Houdin on a few kilos. For this you just have to learn to make choices of this accessory.

Based on, wide belt can be made of various tissues and skin. Color also no special restrictions, it is important that the final image is harmonious. In all shades choice of this accessory we try to understand.
If you’re wearing a dress made of satin, you realize that something is missing, remove the wide belt and correct the situation. Moreover, it can vary in color more tons of dresses, or ever be cold.
You just universality of this information wardrobe. It can be worn not only in dress but also pants, jeans, skirts. But lately it is particularly fashionable to combine it with a wide belt and leggings.

Wearing Wide Belt


Business women is important at work to dress according to the dress code. But we are all madly want to look spectacular and sexy, although all requirements. Using the above type of belt wear to work, you, first, to diversify boring dresses and suits, and secondly, after its release, you can afford shirt with a plunging neckline. Strap counterbalance your image and will not allow you in the eyes of others seems rasputnoy woman.
As we have long cold without warm dresses and kardiganov simply impossible. Many women are skeptical about these things because they do not look anything their convenience, they visually enhance our figure, making it somewhat shapeless. To calm You can wear a beautiful cardigan, without compromising their appearance dopolnite wide belt.

Lately go out of style tunic. They come in different reduction: free and snug. Function rommel. in that they are very comfortable, and in combination with belt You will feel more comfortable.
Great belt does not leave the catwalks worldwide. Designers actively use this accessory for decorating hudoshtavыh phone of their models. Famous women: singer, actress and TV host, constantly flashed before journalists in fancy dresses, adding to their diverse options with a belt.
The use of this accessory can afford not only slim ladies, but owner lush forms. This option accessory balanced body proportions, large women visually belly.
They can be worn at the same time three or four thin girdle – do recommend it such a big name designer such as Dior. Wicker wide belts, or “tail” is also the peak of popularity. If you do not scare shocking appearance, wear original accessories with complex plaques, chains and stones.
If you wear this accessory on top of huge coats and topcoats will look more feminine. Nothing terrible will, if the fabric of basic clothes and belts will be made of different materials.
By broad poyasokov should abandon women who have significant problems with obesity. Quite ridiculous look ladies, weighing more than 100 kg, with a belt at the waist that just will not. So that assessing objectively their appearance, and if you do not have tangible problems, boldly wear them.

Areas need to be very important is that they are quality. After all, this accessory will draw attention to yourself and you will be embarrassed if it will hang around threads. It must be present in the wardrobe!