How to Buy Lingerie for Your Wife


Pamper their women by buying them gifts will make her feel very special and loved, however, it is not so simple. Sometimes men want to impress their sweetheart buying something sexy and seductive, like lingerie. But buying the underwear that will best suit his figure is not trivial to because of the breadth of choice. This guide will prepare you on how to buy the right lingerie for your wife.


Make sure you have on hand:

Good taste

First you have to ask yourself the right questions: what would you like to receive? What your woman would wear more willingly? Often the men in the choice of underwear women are guided by their instincts masculine pointing to what would she wore, without taking into account the tastes of his wife. Some women adore the sexy underwear, others prefer the convenience rather than the outward appearance. The first step is definitely inquire about the size of underwear for your wife and try to ask some questions to you without making you become aware of your intent to better understand her taste.

It is important to know, for example, the fabrics she chooses if adores cotton, lace and lace or microfiber. If routinely he is wearing thong, or Brazilian, or slip normal or if prefers culottes. We define better the difference between these types of slip: the thong is made ​​from a thin strip which joins the horse with the garment waistband, in the Brazilian this part of the fabric is of slightly larger dimensions. The culottes, finally, is formed by a larger amount of tissue, so ensures greater side b of the cover can be in a sense compared to male boxer. Even for the bra could have preferences with or without underwire. Currently it is very fashionable lingerie burlesque, but choose this type of lingerie if your wife is a woman who dares.

Very beautiful and always in fashion, corsets. They will satisfy both the man, why do you consider sexy and both the woman, because it will feel more attractive. If we want to play it safe a nice babydoll will be fine for all kinds of women, perhaps enriched with lace elements.

Once you have determined the perfect lingerie for your sweetheart, you just need to make the purchase. You could go to a store specializing in order to ask for advice to the orders, or go to a mall where you could save. If you are particularly shy you can get from home on some website. The lingerie to please everyone and make a gift like that surely will do much to please your wife.


Never forget:

The color that is most suited for a sexy underwear is black or the red