How to Choose a Bra

A good bra is a bra that you please, that please to your Darling, in which one feels good, easy going, of good and not too expensive.

Said like that, one has the impression that a good bra is more rare than a free parking place in front of the cinema, on Saturday night, especially when it comes out of B and C cups, but actually no: by following our model selection guide, you can find the rare Pearl!

Choose a bra that feels good is essential

Because let’s be honest: have the shoulders cut by narrow straps, breathtaking short because the bra is too tight, arms glued to the body because the frames fit us, or, instead, oversized Beanies that do maintain nothing, it blocks us, and our ability to seduction falls flush with the asphalt.

Choose her bra, to know each other

Need to know its size, is obvious, but also its morphology and its psychology. Put his chest, even if it is round, or, instead, what we want to hide it a little? -What we often have back pain, and really need a good support? What is skin that hurts easily and in this case we will avoid too narrow or not padded straps? You can see that the issues go well beyond the right size. This is still the first step: a bra size, it’s both a tour of chest, and a depth of bonnet, and it does not compensate the other!

Our size guide tells you how to take your measurements, to determine your size, and most importantly, how to find this size indifferent brands! A British brand, like Curvy Kate, size not as a French brand as Anita!

Choose a type of fitted bra

The type of bra to buy depends on the use that you want to do: it does not have the same bra for everyday use, for sport or to make the beautiful in a marriage with a very low-cut dress!

With or without frame

Generally, the bras for generous breasts are ‘ frames ‘. The frames have made much progress in recent years, they allow a true maintenance without interfering with the movements of the body. We’re very far from the “shell” of the 1950 brassieres, a champion sports bra can have a very nice natural breast shape.

However, for the sport, we prefer a bra without underwire. There are adapted to the strong breasts models, which use (it’s the specialist to say what) to ensure a good hold. They also play sports without damaging the fragile fibers of the chest. Many women also use them on a daily basis, for their comfort.

The good cup shape

The ‘full’ CAP is adapted to daily bra and sports bra. It almost completely covers the breast, often the top is lace, while the lower part is covered with lace fabric.

The push-up Bra

It is seductive, the bonnet is in three parts, which draw breast, report him and put in value. On the other hand, it keeps less than the full Cap. It is perfect for the small summer dresses and moments seduction.

The plunging bonnet

It is designed to allow deep necklines. It is often associated with straps cross in the back, which allow the bare back. This is the bra for beautiful wedding or evening dresses.

The push-up

Rather used by women who have small breasts, he goes back to the breasts and add a little volume with a thin layer of foam inside the CAP. When the foam is thicker, let’s talk Cup hull or pad. Do you know that it is the rule in many countries, to avoid leaving guess the shape of the nipple? It has especially the disadvantage to keep warm enough summer.