How To Choose a Luxury Watch

It happens always a moment in the life of a man when watches are becoming a real passion. A fad that comes sometimes from one day to the next and who is sometimes treatable kicked watches Longives, Tag Heuer, Rolex, or Daniel Wellington… It’s one of our only decoration to us men, therefore, to enjoy. But how many choose its luxury watch ? Style, bracelet, mechanical, price… A guy told you everything.

Luxury Watch: round or rectangular dial?

It is also important in our view. If the rectangular watch is more rare on the wrists, and above all in the new collections, we should not forget it! The rectangular watch will for example have a great advantage: the rarity. Not to be neglected. And for good reason, men to opt for this type of very retro dial are less numerous. Moreover, the choice is today so many more for round watches, it is easier to find his own in this type of model. Rounds offer also more mechanical possibilities, allowing clockmakers to present spectacular watches and highly complex.

But why not opt for a rectangular watch after all? They have the advantage of giving an I don’t know what obsolete and end at your wrist. Finally that many brands are still obviously rectangular watches: Armani, Lip, Festina, Lotus, Pierre Lanier and many others still.

What bracelet for your luxury watch?

The choice of the bracelet is absolutely essential for your next luxury watch. As it would be otherwise, it is at least 50% of his style that hides… But between the leather bracelet, bracelet steel and canvas bracelet on centralledwatch. Which bracelet for watch is better for you?

The leather strap allows you to wear watches whose goal is primarily to focus on elegance and chic. For example, the association with white shirt brown leather strap is a must! Leather can also be ideally with a casual dandy, in summer period style. Although the leather, summer…

The steel will be to him often associated with so-called «sports» watches Watches to the mechanics of advanced and perfect for active and dynamic. Finally, the canvas bracelet or nato strap will allow you all to play on the colors with your dress look. It is also perfect for all seasons.

Mechanical or quartz?

There are several types of buyers of luxury watches and among them, there are those who attach real importance to precision engineering. These will be fascinated by the technology that lies behind the object and all its wheels allowing the watch to operate. For this type of luxury watch, it is always interesting to opt for apparent mechanical watches. There are many brands who do not hesitate to ‘open the bowels’ of their creations. Obviously is more complex, more time will have value.

Finally, if mechanics is not so important to you, and your eye is primarily on aesthetics and the dial, so the quartz is an option to consider. These watches are fitted with a battery, changing every year about. Which is much less complicated when a cog comes to whether prevent on a mechanical watch… It is important to note however that true lovers of watchmaking will choose most of the time the mechanical watch. The passion of the movement, work of the infinitesimal…

What features on your luxury watch?

When you decide to tackle the luxury watch category, there are three reasons we. For the extreme beauty of some good models of course. For the complexity of mechanics, if that you are moving to this type of model. And finally, for the unique features offered. Because it is also this which can attract you, beyond the jewel itself: a watch that is much more than that!

All luxury watches are however not in additional services. But if your choice is moving towards it, then you need to study the Chronographs, Tachometers or the calendars perpetual. You also probably already observed some luxury watches at several time zones. Some offer an additional, others do not hesitate to multiply even more. This kind of model is obviously for active men, busy traveling the world and change without hour stop. However, an option that won’t talk, so not everyone, but that the flyers can also enjoy, to the complexity that this feature adds to the overall mechanics.

What price put in a luxury watch?

It is no longer mandatory to put hundreds or thousands of euros today to get the pleasure of having a nice watch. Many brands offer beautiful range entries. But the rest luxury watch market a market turned to the high-end above all. Get rare parts, brands, to so don’t hesitate to put the hand in the Pocket.

The Longines brand offers beautiful watches from 600 to €800. Their mid-range number so much higher. Breitling and Omega, to rather build on 2000 to €3000. Finally, a brand like window or Rolex, it will be between 4000 and €6000.

Finally, note that it is also possible to buy your luxury watch in opportunity. No one is used to rush absolutely on the nine, when the second-hand market can offer you a beautiful bargain on unique watches. When found its model in 20% or 40% less than new, it actually worth. Attention however, since certain occasions can simply be forgeries. Finally, some of them you will be sold without warranty.