How to Choose the Right Sneakers

For you who sneakers but agrees that high heels gets a lot more beautiful and sexy woman, the sneakers are the solution. It is a beautiful super tennis, which has a jump … but it is not an apparent jump as the jump Sapatênis.

They will be one super trend for 2016 and beyond the beautiful snakes are super -comfortable and cute. They can be used in the same way that tennis but are much more beautiful.

Ahhhh an exception to what I said is physical activity huh … will not make race with sneaker … it is dangerous you twist your ankle or even cause an injury worse.

It has sneakers higher barrel and shorter barrel and if you ‘re not careful it seems like you will skate rs … but you know straight match takes this aspect easily.

Now some rules.

If you have very skinny leg, avoid cheiões models, they give the impression that your leg is even thinner. Try using these templates if your legs are muscular to balance.

For the night, the super sneakers are listed on because they give a pert butt in and one leg print setting but are so comfortable you can enjoy the whole night, even dancing a lot.

To work, try to use darker colors and subtle details, though women’s sneakers do not match with pants too, unless it is a well coladinha pants up and down, you will hardly work with a look so right.

And sneaker is also more suitable for more casual occasions and looks more uncluttered. A walk in the mall goes best with sneaker.

The sneakers fit better with jeans shorts, cropped frayed type destroyed, skirts or dresses.

Unless you choose to use with pantyhose, avoid the middle appear, sneakers not match socks, try to use those socks sneakers.

The sneakers higher pipe must be used with skirts and shorts and shorter barrel with coladinhas pants that I quoted above … ahhh never legging with short ok?! The pants have to end within the shoe.

Clothes have to be always levinha because sneaker has a hulking aspect and then need to take a balanced look at. And try to use good female accessories to take this hulking aspect and that aspect skate I spoke up there. Type earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Skirts and dresses always above the knee because larger it gets the look and dropped too much information. Definitely sneakers not match mullet skirt are two …

Pieces that draws much attention and leave the look very heavy. As loose clothing.

But coats mega match snakers and coladinhas pants with a scarf then complete the look for cold days.

Only use very colorful sneakers if you’re a teenager. For those who have passed the 20 the ideal are the only colors, just changing the tone