How to Dress for a Wedding

Weddings: how to behave and how to dress for the invited that every bride would like your receipt.

The wedding season has arrived! Present the best is a ‘must’ that tests not only the couple but also those who simply is invited to share the joy of a very special moment.

Even for those invited, in fact, weddings can become a catwalk of errors and horrors: even if armed with good will, fall into bad taste or in the excess risk is around the corner for everyone.

Invitation-Bon Ton

We start from the internetdict: overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the Hillbilly is easy to overlook the few simple rules that will make us notice only for the reasons ‘right’.

First, banned delay! Is the bride to have to get to last, when all eyes will be on her. For the same reason, it should take place immediately inside the location and not to crowd the entrance of Wooing or the Town Hall.

If the wedding lists physical or virtual is not for you, it is certainly possible to resort to the classic ‘envelope’ cash stuffed. But be careful to accompany it with a note of good fortune for the newlyweds and to deliver it at the right time and with discretion.

Finally, the vexed question of the tables: arm yourself with patience and accept the seat the bride and groom will have assigned you. Let us remember that it is their special day, in whose name the endurance of a diner talkative is an acceptable sacrifice.

Invited and clothing

True, on the occasion of his wedding it is the bride who must shine the brightest light. But that does not mean, for the invited, dressing put dull and insignificant. The key word, girls, it’s personality! Whether romantic or more of the little people decided, let yourself be guided by your instincts and choose a dress that reflects you, makes you feel at ease and do honor to the occasion of celebration you attend. In full respect, of course, the wedding tone about it, feel free to informally ask the bride and groom or their families if there are any special instructions that must be followed.

In general, we come to our aid common sense: no to chandelier hairstyles, to make up the circus or clinging outfits and inguinal. Those we can also risparmiarceli in all other days of the year.

Invited in black

White and black colors are always bandits during weddings. However, if you are in the mood to impress with a rock touch, choose quietly blacks accessories-also studded, why not – to accompany an outfit from neutral tones or pastel. The contrast will be very glam! In the evening weddings, the total black is no longer taboo, but the advice is always to dilute it with some colorful accessory.

And yet, if you can not give up a brighter effect, the optical white tones will rest on jewelry, shoes and clutch. Without forgetting the white of your smile, which remains your most important accessory!