How to Import Wedding Dresses

And like most women know, buy dresses is not always a simple task, and still have to face the fact that many models that are worshiped are not found in Brazil. So before you give up to have that wonderful dress, here’s how to import dresses and do not deprive the model you like.

For That Matter Clothes?

There are two main reasons for someone to want to import clothes, in our case, dresses. The first is for their own use, after many garments even reach the shops here in the country.

The second and no less important is the fact sell these clothes. Remember that when ordering products in large quantities, you will pay a tax rate so that the products can enter the country.

If you want to import dresses or by any of these reasons, please note the following tips so you can do without having work with vintage inspired dresses on PharmacyLib.

Importing dresses for Personal Use

This is the easiest mode of import. You just need to enter the address of the store that sells the dress you want, make a purchase usually fill the registration form, make the payment and wait to get home.
In most cases, this type of application is exactly the same a request that you make in a Brazilian sales site, the difference is that in addition to the freight (if any), you pay for the product import tax.

Importing Dresses to Resel

This is a form of sales is increasing in Brazil.

The main reason is the low cost of parts and quality, considered good by some importers and consumers. Many dealers are asking these dresses for the simple fact that the parts in addition to the factors already mentioned, you a great exit to consumers. Learn below how to import dresses.

Start looking for the widest variety of parts, do not focus only on one model and a color. After all, if you want to sell to invest in pieces of different designs and colors, it attracts customers. Women, especially the Brazilian, like loose flowered dress. If you already have a certain customer, find out what pleases her.

The second tip is to look for reliable sites, so look for references on the internet problems that the store may have had a few (or several) customers. If possible, see the problem that these people had, so you do not have the same problems. One detail that you can never forget, is that now every purchase made out will be taxed by the IRS, so the product into the country.

It also should point out that many sites for the import of products, comes with the model in Portuguese, that is, you do not need to know English to order. In addition to trusted sites, look for those that offer quality and discounts, many companies give discount for the simple fact that you “like” the page (the company) on Facebook , for example.

So after all these details you can import dresses with more tranquility, remember that no matter the purpose, you need to be careful to buy the right parts.